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How can Omnify help increase your business’s social media presence?

Social Media has become the order of the day. It's a game-changer in accelerating virtual communication in real-time with super ease. Sharing various content types on social media has totally changed our lifestyle and the way we do business. Social media especially works wonders for small businesses with little or no resources for promotions and marketing. It may look small, but its impact could be huge with effective strategies and creativity in place.

What is the importance of Social Media for your Business?

1. Generating brand awareness:

Using social media today is like putting out the word about your business. With social media marketing, one can easily grow brand awareness and become amply visible to a worldwide audience. Remember, it's an era of smartphones and social media platforms; therefore, it is only organic for people to look for all kinds of solutions there. All you need to do is target the right people and provide them with the answers! By doing this, it is but natural that you are efficiently promoting your products and services.

social media apps in a phone

2. Ease of communication and feedback

For any other sort of marketing platforms, the feedback mechanism is pretty jumbled. But with a social media handle, you can directly interact with your customers. One of the most popular places to build community and brand loyalty is through Facebook groups. Other social media handles are also apt enough to deliver feedbacks and comments from clients quickly. It is a great way to engage and nurture bonds over time. It helps you also learn how people perceive your brand and what features/services you need to add to yield more revenue. Hence, communication becomes essential. As they say, "A happy customer is a returning customer."

3. Useful for driving more bookings

Make social media work for your business. Use social media handles such as a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts, etc., as part of an overall marketing strategy. To make sure that your customers engage more with your service, add social media accounts to your business websites. Proper use of social media handles on your website enhances engagement and a perfect way to drive more bookings. Because, why not? It makes you look a lot more professional, translate your followers to customers, gives updates about all your business offers, announcements, events, user-generated content, and so much more. 

How can Omnify help?

Therefore, linking your social media accounts to your website increases your traffic, especially for service businesses across verticals that need a software platform to sell their services. There are two ways in which Omnify is already helping. 

Firstly, with Omnify, businesses can seamlessly customize their social media handles with their online service store or website. Here are the simple steps to follow.

In the Omnify Dashboard, go to the Settings, under Settings, go to the Service Store settings, and then select Header and Footer's option. Under Footer Settings, there are options to add your social accounts (paste social media page links accordingly) and Voilà! 


how can business add social media pages in a booking system service store

Secondly, Omnify has Healthinomics as a partner app. Healthinomics helps businesses with bundles of ready-made images that brands can add as their own and share across social media platforms to maximize presence. Omnify users have the benefit of getting a 50% discount in Healthinomics. Getting valuable Social Media Content for half the price, isn't it amazing!!

Healthinomics and Omnify discounts for social media content

To know more about how Omnify can help your business, Read Two simple Omnify feature-tips to promote your business

If you are a small business looking for a smart and intuitive booking platform, start a communication with Omnify or Schedule a Demo.


Social media is key to every marketing strategy, which is why we’re here to help! Find out how to increase social media presence for your business with Omnify!

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