Omnify WordPress Plugin

Omnify Inc now allows you to create Omnify widgets from your WordPress website.

Our new plugin feature allows you to access your omnify data via API's and have it delivered to your website, thereby allowing you to make the widgets at your end.

1. Download your plugin using the 'Download' button.

2. Copy it into your wordpress folder under         ["public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/"].

3. Go to your wordpress Dashboard and click on 'plugins'. In the list of   Plugins you will see 'Omnify' with an option to "activate" it. Click "activate". YOUR PLUGIN IS INSTALLED.

4. Once plugin is activated the "activate" button will be replaced by "settings" button. Click "settings".

5. A page with a text field to enter a token will be displayed. This is the token that is provided by Omnify.

6. If you have it with you please enter it, else you can go to your Omnify Dashboard and go to "" and click on "Show/Generate token".

7. Copy the generated token and paste it in your plugin activation page.

8. If a valid token is entered the widgets page will be opened without any error message in it.

That's it, your setup is done, Now you can make your widgets.
Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 16-12-2016