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Achieve 5X increase in consumer spending

Omnify let’s you increase your conversions by enabling your customers to pre-book services with your staff.

Join the companies using Omnify to deliver a better booking experience

What makes Omnify different

Personalised Customer Booking Experience

Omnify gives your customers a superior booking experience. Whether you are selling classes, coaching packages, events or facility bookings- you can easily accept bookings from your website.
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Delivering superior Staff Experience

Create separate accounts for each staff member and automate scheduling to maximise staff efficiency. Set staff notifications so that they are updated on every action and thus provide first-rate experience to your customers.
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Multi-location Dashboard & Advanced Reporting

Have a complete view of your bookings and payments for your business across locations. You can download individual or cumulative reports across all your locations. You can also accept payments in one account or separate accounts- we facilitate both.
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We 💖 our Customers too!
"For Savvy Studios, Omnify has proved to be a five-star symbol of trust, reliability and excellent service. The ‘Omnify Team’ have supported our development as a company by providing a unique and comprehensive platform which is adaptable, easy to manage and easily accessed by all our clients."
Savvy Studios
"I love Omnify! I’m using it already for 3 years for my yoga studio and it’s very inspiring to see how the platform developed. I’m very happy with customer service, they always eager to help and add features that I need to make it easer and more convenient to use the platform 😃"

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