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Setup your booking page, create schedules, manage appointments and staff calendars, collect payments, drive engagement, automate communication, and much more!
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Everything you need to manage all your Customer Bookings
Setup your booking page, create schedules, manage appointments and staff calendars, collect payments, drive engagement, and much more!
Manage Your Operations From One Place
Control every aspect of your business from your own modern, branded booking website. Create Schedules, accept bookings, manage wait-lists and cancellations, take payments, and collaborate with your team – on desktop or mobile.
Liability Waivers, Online or Front desk check-ins and other operations
Booking Restrictions, website integration and a seamless customer experience
Centralized Reporting and Analytics
Get a comprehensive view of your business' performance and analytics in real-time, even with multiple locations. Track attendance, revenue, and other key metrics.
Quickly see gains, losses, and other financial data
View bookings by service, occupancy rates, cancellations, and more week over week
Online Booking System
Create blocks of slots available through the day, buffer times, limit the number of attendees, and more.
Payment Processing
Accept one-time and recurring payments through a wide range of PCI-compliant payment gateway options.
Automated Emails
Send auto emails for bookings and due payment reminders, follow-ups for feedback, and much more.
Marketing Tools
Run personalized retention and engagement campaigns and send out discount codes for return visits.
Wait List Management
Set up wait-lists to automatically alert clients when a slot is freed up on their desired schedule.
Team Management
Link individual schedules on one shared calendar with automated notifications, and allow staff access from anywhere.
Integrate With Your Favorite Tools
Instantly connect with your favorite apps to automate reports, sync emails, and improve productivity.
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What Our Customers Say
See why sports facilities, recreational clubs, community centers, and other membership-based organizations across 50+ countries love Omnify.
"The platform provides excellent features and is very user friendly. I especially like the calendar and check-in feature and how easy it is to see when classes are scheduled and who has checked in during a given swim session. It is also very easy to schedule new sessions and the cloning feature is very helpful."
Beverly A.
Condominium Board of Directors
Source: Capterra*
"Omnify has the right mix of features, customer support, and reasonable pricing. The system is intuitive for both the administrator and the end user – and Omnify continues to make changes to make the system even easier for pool operators. We recommend this platform for anyone needing a solution for quickly setting up a reservation process!"
Jim Fraser
CEO, The Pool Management Group
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Offer services as memberships or packages. Integrate with Zoom and run online sessions. Track your business on the go with Omnify Business App.
Automate Operations
Automate booking confirmations, check-ins, wait-lists, all through one dashboard. Personalize your email communications and keep your community engaged.
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increase in revenue
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reduction in operating costs