Cancel bookings right from emails

We are back with a ‘little big’ Update for you. Little in terms of its size, but BIG for the scope it will provide to your business.

With our new update, your clients can cancel a schedule right from the booking emails.

Up until now, your customers have been receiving the Booking Confirmation Emails that carry all necessary details. Yes all, except one! It’s the ‘Booking Cancellation Links’. Now your clients will be able to cancel their bookings with greater ease.

Okay! But you must be wondering, “Hey how’s that gonna help my business?”

Well, Easy Cancellation flows don’t necessarily mean more cancellations. Because your business believes in delivering the best user experience, this added feature will help towards building trust and customer reassurance.

Let’s say you run yoga classes and workshops using Omnify. Your clients book classes in advance with you for the upcoming week. After the booking is done, they quickly get the booking confirmation email. But suddenly realizes that Monday won’t work for them. There was a prior engagement that completely went out of their minds! The next logical step being opting for an immediate cancellation. But the workaround for the cancellation process is super exhausting. It’s just too much work for them and for you!

With the addition of the direct Cancellation Link in the booking confirmation emails, your clients can go for easy cancellations with a much-reduced’s convenient and saves everyone time.

Booking Confirmation Email with Cancellation Link
Booking Cancellation Page

While you can rest-assure, protect your business with a value-add of TRUST- that your company/business cares for its clients even after they pay!

Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into account to cancel bookings! This Omnify feature lets you cancel bookings right from your email inbox.

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