How CamiYoga Studio Grew its Business Online with Omnify

Camille Shakti Semiotaite has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, but for the last 7 years, she has also been sharing a unique form of practice with her clients. Influenced by expression through movement since a young age, Camille wanted to combine her knowledge of dance and yoga to help her clients improve their well-being. Today, every class at Camille’s CamiYoga Studio is inspired by the theme of aerial yoga.

Classes at CamiYoga Studio are based on the theme of Aerial Yoga

Till date, Camille has taught for over 4000 hours of yoga classes, teacher training, and workshops to over 1000 students. Camille has polished her practice and teaching of aerial yoga over the years, while also growing her community to include people from around the world. From in-person classes to yoga classes online, CamiYoga’s courses are now accessible around the world.

Shaping growth with the right technology

As Camille began to expand her business during the early years, she quickly recognized that scaling up came with its own challenges. How do you keep track of all the people who are signing up? How do you organize clients by the classes they’ve signed up for? What about the schedules? And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Camille also understood that to retain her clients, not only did she need to manage her operations effectively, she would also have to provide a great experience to her customers. She understood that the right technology could help her step up her business. 

Camille recognized the need for technology to help grow her business

This is when Camille began her search for an efficient and affordable yoga studio software. It was then that she found Omnify. Since moving to the platform in 2017, CamiYoga Studio has gone from strength to strength, registering over 11,000 bookings with over 1000 clients. But how did this yoga studio grow its business with Omnify’s scheduling software? Let’s take a closer look at what helped CamiYoga in its journey to success.

Sleek today, sleeker tomorrow

Having used Omnify for years now, Camille has experienced the scheduling software’s development firsthand. She says-

“I've been using this system for 4 years now and Omnify has improved so much, it’s amazing." 

For CamiYoga, it was important to minimize the time spent on managing bookings and updating clients on their schedules, especially as the numbers grew over time.

“Omnify’s scheduling software is easy to navigate, which has saved me a lot of time on bookings. The auto-emails are incredibly useful to send reminders, booking details, and other updates.”
CamiYoga Studio has grown significantly with the help of Omnify and technology

Today, Camille has access to a yoga studio software that helps her make bookings online in no time, manage her schedules and payments, connect through Zoom for yoga classes online, communicate with a personal touch, and deliver a memorable experience to her community.

Coming together for your community 

Beyond the scheduling software, what also impressed Camille was the people behind the product. Our 24-hour customer support was available round the clock to help CamiYoga through any issues. As Camille puts in-

“The support team is super helpful and the tech team is always eager to improve the platform. The best part is, they always listen to our requests for new features and do their best to make it happen."

At Omnify, our customer support understands the challenges you face while running a business. This is why our team is alert to your queries all day and stays on the lookout for any improvements that will better equip you for success!

If you would like to level up your fitness and wellness business and deliver a quality experience to your clients, then learn more about what Omnify can do for you with a quick demo today!

Since 2017, CamiYoga Studio has made over 11,000 bookings with Omnify’s yoga studio software. Let’s take a closer look at its journey to success.

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