How Children’s Wellness Centre made wellness available at the click of a button through Omnify 

“If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings and grow.” 
- Alfie Kohn

The physical and mental wellness of a person is impacted by how their wellness was taken care of as a child. That is why Jake and Tammy, who run Children’s Wellness Centre, focus on advocating ‘Wellness’ within children and families, supporting social, emotional, educational and physical well-being.

Their goal isn’t limited to child therapy but an overall holistic development of the children that come to them, and at the same supporting their parents by equipping them with pediatric first aid training, childcare professional workshops, parenting courses and more!

Wellness under a Roof

Children’s Wellness Centre uses Omnify for its booking and scheduling needs

Jake co-founded Children’s Wellness Centre with his wife Tammy who was running a private practice for child therapy. 

They identified the need for holistic development in kids and a robust support system for their parents. So they set out to establish their business, offering multiple services under one roof. 

They have different Children’s Therapy services, all provided on-site, run from bright and welcoming Therapy rooms and a main studio. Alongside their therapeutic services, they provide an array of daily fun classes, workshops and holiday activities for children to attend. 

Children’s classes offer a lot to the child’s mental health, these classes also serve as a reason for various families and mothers to get along. By providing a social space for parents to interact, a lot of conversation takes place. It then becomes a place for sharing joys and worries, which alleviates a lot of the stress that parents usually carry. This social space has a positive effect on their mental well being which makes it better for the entire family. 

All the services being offered under the wellness centre’s roof are taken by industry specialists, which ensures the best possible service for any child that walks through their doorstep. Children’s wellness lies at the heart of their business and that is why they aim to provide the best experience, be it in terms of the services they provide or in terms of customer care.

Children learning at Children’s Wellness Centre

Facing the complexities of running a business

Children’s Wellness Centre is a very unique business in terms of the multitude of services they provide. Their team consists of multi-disciplinary specialists of Child & Adolescent Counselors, Psychologists, Doctors, Teachers and highly trained professionals in their individual fields of work. 

As Jake talks about their multiple services and class offerings he speaks about the difficulty in managing and keeping track of everything-

“It can get very confusing for staff members to know each individual class or therapy service.” 

Since Jake had previous experience with the restaurant booking industry, right off the bat he understood the complexities and troubles that would come with setting up a business like theirs. 

He knew exactly the type of solution the business needed. So he started his search for the right software which would help him keep track of all the classes and services they offered, as well as make the booking process for their customers simple and streamlined. 

Growing with omnify

Jake Clarkson, Co-founder of Children’s Wellness Centre interacting with kids

After looking at multiple services, Jake found that Omnify fits their business needs perfectly in terms of functionality, pricing and customer support.

Since Jake started using Omnify, a lot of time and energy has been saved that has improved their own wellness and has given them the resources they needed to pour back into their business. 

Omnify has made life easy for the business by simplifying class creation for multiple different class types, and made it even simpler for customers to book their services through Omnify’s seamless booking system. 

Since a lot of bookings happened past 10P.M., it was essential for the booking system to be automated and free of any hassle. 

Hassle free booking without any need for calling and leaving messages means that customers are satisfied and the business can be free of worrying about missed clients.

Jake speaks about how their customers were satisfied with the booking system-

“We had a lot of good positive reviews, with people saying how easy it was and yeah they only booked it last night which they liked and said they didn't have to pick up a phone or anything which is a lot easier to do”
“Running your own business is tough right, that's why you need good tools and one of those tools was Omnify, it made life a lot easier when you have a service that does all your left leg work. It takes a whole lot of weight off your own mind and then it gives you that time and energy back” 
- Jake Clarkson (Co-founder of Children’s Wellness Centre)

If you’re a business looking to serve your clients well and create an impact in their lives, let Omnify’s Class Scheduling software simplify all the hassles of booking and scheduling of your services, so you can focus on your business, your client and yourself!

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How Children’s Wellness Centre gained customer trust by simplifying class registrations and transformed the way customers experienced booking their services.

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