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Top 10 Membership Management Software in 2024

list of top cloud based membership management software platforms with key features that maintains member information, integrated payment processing and more

In the early stages of launching a business, there's an abundance of enthusiasm, and the achievement of goals often appears tantalizingly close, much like objects in the rearview mirror of a moving car. But as days go by you start to feel the weighing pressure of running a business that comes with multi-faceted challenges.

Orchestrating so many aspects of business administration right from defining a business plan to setting up the roadmap, figuring out financial projections and target market, collecting member data to managing memberships and so on, sure seems a lot overwhelming. 

As much benefits a membership program brings to a business in terms of longevity, revenue and sustainability, it is as equally if not more important to provide members with the best experience possible. Hence for membership-based businesses, nurturing and managing your member base becomes the cornerstone of sustainable growth!

This is where technology comes as a rescue in putting together so many aspects of running membership programs seamlessly and successfully. 

However, in a market teeming with options, selecting the perfect membership management software can be a daunting task.

This blog is your compass to find out the best membership management platform that suits your business type, size, growth and needs. We’ve delved deeper into the key indicators to consider when seeking membership management software and presented before you with a carefully curated list of the top 10 solutions poised to dominate 2024. 

Let’s dive in!

How to choose the best Membership Management Software? 

When you plan to choose a software solution to make your business management easy, you'll have to consider a lot of factors apart from just the brand name. Here are the basic criteria that you need to know about- 

  1. User-Friendly Interface
  2. Flexible Member Benefits 
  3. Diverse Payment Options
  4. Third-Party Integrations
  5. Cost Effectiveness 
  6. Safety and Security 
  7. Proactive Customer Support

Let’s read a bit more deeper about these - 

1) User-friendly Interface 

When you want to pick up a good membership management software, the foremost attractive feature in it will be, "How easy it is to use?" This should be considered for both from business and client ends of your business

As a membership manager, the first thing you do is to try learning the technology before adopting it.  Make sure the membership management software provide an easy onboarding process, ensuring that you and your team can comfortably adapt to it.

Apart from that, it should be easy to navigate from one feature to another. For example, if you want to have a peek at the member profile while viewing the analytics page, it should be easy and intuitive to move to. 

The software should be able to handle your administrative work, such as member database management, scheduling bookings, distributing special benefits, and keep tabs on sales and revenue, just to name a few. 

If we think about it from the end user's view, even they shouldn't find it difficult to make bookings, communicate with you, make payments, and more. You should choose software that is friendly to both you and your end users. This helps build the first good member experience. 

2) Flexible Member Benefits

When it comes to membership-based businesses, clients will always expect an extra mile for what they are paying for. Ensure that you always prioritize providing good quality service to your members. 

In this, the membership management platform you choose has a role to play too. Make sure that the software you choose offers the benefits and discounts that you are planning to offer your clients. You may have a lot of exclusive offers to give your members, but if you choose a platform that is rigid with its features, then that will be a problem. 

If you choose to offer a package with differential pricing for selected members, you should be able to do that. It should let you offer discounts to selected members, separate benefits for different types of membership programs you offer, and more. 

So, it is crucial to get to know if the software is flexible enough to help you manage member access, discount benefits, and beyond in a much better way. 

3) Diverse Payment Options

Getting paid is the most important and exciting part of any business. So, the platform should help by making payments a cinch. 

With a diverse clientele in your membership-based business, you should acknowledge that they may have varying payment preferences. Ensuring that they have the liberty to choose their own payment methods is an added advantage for your business. 

With that in mind, choose a platform that offers integration with different payment platforms such as Stripe, Paypal, PayTrace, and also card payments. 

On the flip side, using these types of payment gateways to make payments ensures that the transaction is secure, with which no sensitive information leaks out. It's a plus if you choose software that provides you with automated reminders so that you don't have to keep nudging your clients for fee dues. 

Make sure that the platform helps you analyze your business growth and track your capital expenses with its detailed reports and analytics. 

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4) Third-Party Integrations

Consider this scenario: Your business heavily relies on an email marketing platform for efficient client communication. Additionally, you have grown accustomed to a specific accounting platform that perfectly suits your needs. Now, imagine the frustration and complexity that would arise if you were compelled to abandon these trusted tools.

This is precisely where membership management software steps in to alleviate your concerns by offering seamless integration with various other platforms. Take Omnify, for example. It provides the capability to integrate with over 3000 apps through Zapier.

Therefore, it's paramount to select a platform that is thoughtfully designed to cater to the most essential requirements

5) Cost-effectiveness

Investing capital in the right tools is a critical aspect to weigh in any business decision. When you select a tool that aligns best with your business needs, ensure that it's suitably priced and affordable too. 

This is not just about the sticker price it says, it should be the holistic value that it brings to your business. When I use the term “cost-effectiveness” it doesn't mean to pick the cheapest platform, it simply means to pick the software that provides the most for the capital you invest in. Ensure that it offers everything you need, starting from streamlining registrations to helping you assist you in making informed business decisions with reporting and analytics. 

Just ensure that the software has the capability to show up your brand value and it answers the core question of “why you’re looking for a membership management solution?”. 

6) Safety and Security

Another important indicator to consider is security. 

The term security is robust in a service-based business. One of the important aspects of security that you should weigh in on is maintaining member databases that are secure enough to safeguard member details. 

Next, let's talk about safety!  

Let’s say you’re running a gym. You should be transparent about the rules and regulations of your facility. In this case, online waivers come in handy. 

These waivers serve as an e-signature which your clients can sign and submit over the Internet. These waivers can be used in the context of explaining the potential legal liabilities and disputes. This option serves as protection for both the business and its clients as it steers everyone clear about your business policies and regulations.

Also, this eliminates the need to document these in separate files when needed. These digital forms are easy to find when in need. 

So ensuring safety and security is a comprehensive commitment that should be provided by a membership management platform. 

7) Proactive Customer Support

The most important thing that helps us build an emotional bond with any service provider, other than having a transactional relationship, is customer service. 

The platform you consider should provide excellent customer service with a team that is technically sound enough to assist you. Customer support should react empathetically to your touchpoints and ensure that they assist you whenever you’re in need. 

It should be noted that if assistance is provided via different modes of communication be it a phone call, a text message or even an email. Ensure that the customer service is extremely responsive because trust me it could change your experience of using the service to different levels. 

So, now you know the important indicators you need to keep in mind while choosing a membership management solution for your business. With this make an informed decision as the platform you choose could affect your business to a great extent. 

Top 10 Membership Management Software 

Now, let us make it easy for you to choose the best membership management software for your business. Here is the list of curated membership management platforms:

  1. Omnify 
  2. Wild Apricot 
  3. Glue Up 
  4. Aplos 
  5. TeamUp 
  6. MemberClicks 
  7. Zen Planner 
  8. Regpack 
  9. Daxko
  10. Clubright

Let’s have a deeper look at this all and understand the features that each of them has to offer 

1. Omnify 

Omnify is a cloud based membership management software that is designed to help member management, event planning management and more

Omnify is an all-in-one platform that helps you streamline your business management. Omnify offers a wide range of features that are up-to-date with today's technology. Starting from a personalized service store to automated renewals, there are countless features lined up with this platform. With flexible access benefits control, you can link different services under one membership and allow access. You can give your members differential pricings with discount benefits, which improves the member experience. Its user experience is also well-praised by users, which proves it's a user-friendly platform 

Also, Omnify provides integration with different payment platforms, automated recurring payments, and reminders, which is a plus. With tiered pricing, you have the flexibility to offer different membership programs, which imparts inclusivity to different members in your business. There is also a free trial option with which you can test it out and make a decision before investing in it. Apart from these, Omnify's customer support is one of a kind, with friendly and round-the-clock support, which is most loved by the users.  

This platform is suitable for any size of business, from small-scale yoga classes to larger associations. They excel by imparting a personal touch to their platform, making them unique in their industry. The services expand to different industries like sports, fitness, recreation, wellness, pet care, camping, arts, kids’ activity, just to name a few. 

2. Wild Apricot  

Wild apricot help businesses with member management, event management with key features like recurring billing system, customer relationship management and more

Wild Apricot has scored a well-known reputation in the field of membership management. It has a wide range of features that will be suitable particularly for clubs, associations, and NGOs. It serves as an excellent solution for membership management, starting from creating member directories to marketing your membership programs. 

The most loved aspect of this software is its user-friendly interface and well-structured training sessions. It is suitable for any kind of membership organization, small or large. One other main feature of this platform is it makes payments compatible for NGOs too. It provides an easier option to accept donations with its integration with multiple payment gateways, with an option for recurring payments. To make your administration simpler, it offers a mobile application option, which is a plus. 

Apart from these, this software offers you a free trial period with which you can try it out and make a clear and crisp decision when it comes to investment.

3. Glue Up 

Glue up helps professional associations by offering membership management solutions for fitness studios, and professional associations

Glue Up is a remarkable membership management solution that offers a wide range of features specific to a business running depending on membership programs. It offers you options to run both online and offline events. One of the loved features of GlueUp is its drag-and-drop functionality, which helps manage community and fundraising too.

It also helps in improving your business administration with instant insights that keep tabs on customer engagement. Apart from these, it offers flexible discounts, member-only pricing, and more. Even though there is room for improvement in areas like a steep learning curve and difficulty in navigation, GlueUp remains one of the leading membership management platforms. 

4. Aplos 

one of the top membership management software helpful for association management

Aplos is a designated software solution for churches and non-profit organizations. Their standout feature is managing the financials of organizations with accuracy. Another loved feature of Aplos is its dynamic member lists and customizable member directories, which can be updated in real time. 

This platform simplifies your administrative process with streamlined meeting schedules, easy payments, automated renewals, and more. It also helps you accept donations and document them in the membership database. Along with all this, the ease of usability and check-in features make it a suitable software solution for your membership program management. 

5. TeamUp  

member management software suitable for gyms fitness, health and wellness sector easing up administrative tasks

TeamUp is a membership management platform that will suit your fitness training business well, offering a wide range of features. 

One interesting feature is the ability to hide classes from a group of members you choose. It also simplifies your business operations by allowing integration with different software solutions. The most loved feature is its accurate reporting, helpful for tracking income. 

Their standout feature is their custom branded app which allows you to set up your own brand tone for your business. Their easy-to-use calendar also makes it easy to help you stay organized and informed. One other plus point is that if you run a business in multiple locations, this software helps you manage them all efficiently. 

So, if you manage a fitness-based membership business this platform is worth considering as one of the options. 

6. MemberClicks 

helpful for association management and non profit based organizations with features like automated billing that allow members to ease up process

MemberClicks is a dedicated membership management platform built especially for associations, chambers and non-profit organizations. This software will help you streamline your membership programs whether you are a small growing business or large organization-based member types. And its excellent customer service and easy-to-use interface are an added plus.

Its sleek appearance and its variety of features have attracted customers. It also makes your life easier with automated due reminders and renewals. One of its standout features is custom analytics. It also allows you to provide loyalty rewards which helps you improve member experience. 

Therefore, This platform is a viable choice for a membership-based business of any scale.

7. Zen Planner

cloud based membership management tool eases up administrative tasks and improves member engagement

Zen Planner mainly targets fitness and MMA businesses. It is loved by customers due to its intuitive user interface and its slick appearance. It offers a convenient way to manage membership programs with separate member and staff mobile apps. 

The most loved feature provided by this software is custom reports and face check-ins. 

This platform improves business efficiency by providing integration with other platforms. Its standout feature is the skills and belt tracking system, which makes it convenient for businesses to track student progress. 

8. Regpack

member management software helps businesses keep track of their growth and improves member engagement

Regpack offers membership management for businesses and non-profit organizations. One of its remarkable features is customized reports for team members and the ability to update member data in real-time. 

It is loved by customers due to its intuitive user interface. It streamlines your administrative operations with features such as auto-renewals, personalized emails, and more. It helps to set up recurring donations, which makes it easy for non-profit organizations to collect donations. 

9. Daxko 

helpful in association management and non profit based organizations and professional associations

Daxko focuses on non-profit organizations and community building. They offer membership management solutions to different recreational clubs and non-profit organizations. This platform is loved for its ease of usability. It makes your administration easy by offering online and offline tools for membership management. 

One other convenient feature is that it allows registering multiple family members under third-party billing. It saves you administrative workload with automated payment collections even from your mobile device. One other standout feature that it has is waitlists. 

10. Clubright 

membership management software that targets fitness businesses, martial arts schools and more

Clubright is an all-in-one membership management platform. It deals majorly with the genre of fitness studios, sports clubs, and health clubs. 

This software lines up features that are specific to membership programs. Apart from general features, one of its unique features is that it enables members to create accounts in epoints, which members can spend on products and services. 

Another notable feature of this software is that it provides separate mobile apps for members, trainers, and businesses that help in identifying disengagement and improving your business. 


One cannot state the obviousness enough when it comes to managing a business. It all starts with maintaining a proper member database analyzing the income and retaining the member base. The membership management system that you choose should offer you enough value that make your work smoother. Analyze the platform enough before you choose one and invest in it. You should be clear about your requirements for the software and test whether the software satisfies those needs. Omnify understands this very well, which is why there is a 7-day free trial with which you need not pay for something that you’re not sure about.


Here’s the list of Top-rated membership management software reviewed based on their features and performance to streamline your business operations.

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