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Say goodbye to manual member management with Omnify. Our platform makes automating your member management a breeze. Create a members-only business or offer exclusive benefits to your members and watch your sales soar

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Manage upcoming events in your health clubs, fitness centre etc.. with user friendly single platform promoting community engagement

What can Omnify’s Membership Management do for you?

Driver higher ROI from your members
Drive higher ROI from your members with repeat bookings.
Increase Member Loyalty
Build a loyal client base of your members by offering them exclusive benefits and perks.
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Manage all your Members, Schedules, Check-ins and Communication from our Omnify Go Mobile app for Business.

Members-Only space

Transform your business into an exclusive members-only space with Omnify. Our platform allows you to create memberships with tiered pricing for different durations and pricing, with or without a one-time joining fee. Give your members all-access to your business and set up auto-recurring memberships to build a loyal, repeat customer base.

Omnify also serves as an Event management software that helps streamline online registration using various communication tools and administrative tools
Omnify offers a mobile friendly cloud based membership management software to seamlessly manage your services

Memberships with Programs

Link your Memberships with your Classes, Events, and Appointments effortlessly with Omnify. If you are managing a teaching or coaching business, you can create a curriculum by creating Memberships and connecting specific Classes, Events, and Appointments. Additionally, if you wish to bundle your appointments, you can effortlessly create a Membership and attach pricing benefits with a set number of sessions using our Member Benefits feature. Curious to know more?

Omnify's Membership Management can be a Game-changer for your Business
Memberships and Facilities

Drive more Recurring clients by making your space Members only or give your Members exclusive Benefits

Omnify simplifies automating your membership management, whether you're making your space members-only or providing exclusive benefits. With Omnify, you can create a personalized experience for your members, from their initial sign-up to their repeat purchases, and everything in between.

Automate Recurring Memberships or send notification emails 

You can automate recurring memberships and send notification emails to ensure seamless payments and renewals.

Track Members, extend their Subscription

Omnify's Member CRM allows you to track all your members' data, view their subscriptions, and even extend or end memberships from the dashboard. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tracking and enjoy more time growing your business.

How you can use Omnify’s Membership Management Tool to Grow Your Businesses
Memberships and Facilities

Membership Management

Looking for a way to streamline your Membership Management? Look no further than Omnify! Our powerful software allows you to create auto-recurring Memberships with tiered pricing for different durations, so you can focus on growing your business and delighting your members. Plus, with the option to add a one-time joining fee, you can boost your revenue and create a sustainable, long-term customer base. Try Omnify today and see the difference for yourself!

Access Benefit

Unlock the power of exclusive services and drive customer loyalty with Omnify's Access Benefits. Our Membership Management Software allows you to easily restrict access to different services for non-members while providing exclusive access to your valued Members. With Access Benefits, you can enhance your membership offering and create a sense of exclusivity that keeps customers coming back for more. Try Omnify today and see the impact Access Benefits can have on your business.

Discount Benefit

Introducing Omnify's Discount Benefits, the ultimate solution to boost customer loyalty and drive sales. With our powerful software, you can offer special pricing to your members, such as 100% off on all services for premium members or exclusive discounts for specific memberships. Watch your revenue soar as you reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

“Omnify fulfills our needs by streamlining booking, payments, and customer data management. Their insights show us where we are strong today and where we can improve for a better tomorrow.”
“Not only for the administrators but also for the members, Omnify has been fun to use. I get a lot of feedback from members who say it’s wonderful to have the possibility to book swim slots online!” 

Top Features

Auto-recuring Payments

Joining Fee

Variable duration & tiered pricing

Billing Date

Membership Benefits on Access

Membership Benefits on Pricing

Custom Fields

Membership Expiration & Extension

Cancellation Policies

Omnify Go for Mobile

Abandoned Payments


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