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Discover the power of centralized control, location-level personalization, and seamless API access with our complete multi-location management software! Schedule a demo today and see for yourself why Omnify is a  game-changing solution for businesses operating in multiple locations around the world. 

Manage multi location scheduling with easy with the key features of Omnify multi-locations software

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3x increase revenue
Customers using our booking engine increase their revenue by 3x.
Reduce drop-outs and no-shows by 90%  
Omnify’s online booking & notification system helps reduce abandonment by 90%.
Fill your Classes & Events 2x faster
Omnify helps you market your programs and helps you fill them 2x faster.
Save up to 10 hours every week
Reduce up to 10 hours of admin and operational hours every week with automation. 

Website that will work like a marketplace

Design and launch your website aka Service Store within minutes using. Choose your favorite view, add your best selling services at the top, and videos. Customize your services how you want so the right audience sees them.

 Helps businesses streamline processes, manage time, schedule time slots, sync with google calendar and get accurate data from as many locations all from one account
Omnify multi-location software not just helps schedule appointments, manage employee schedules and schedule facility slots but it organizes all data across multiple locations and different time zones at one unified dashboard

HQ Data sharing with a Centralized view

Get easy access to all your organization's data in one place, which enables you to make faster, better decisions and improve operational efficiency. Let all the information from mutiple locations flow into the central account.

Centralized profiles for clients with access to all locations

Give your clients the ability to view all their family’s schedules under a single profile. With Omnify, your clients can create one profile and add their family members and access all their booking information, upcoming and past schedules – all under one profile.

Managing appointments, time zones, upcoming appointments, in more than one location and from all the places are now easier than before via Omnify Multi-locations scheduling software
Centralized profiles for clients with Omnify multiple locations scheduling software

Scalable to hundreds of locations

Built with scalability in mind, allowing you to easily add new locations as your business expands and grow your operations with ease. Effortlessly manage your business at a global scale while maintaining location-level control and customization.

Route Payments across multiple locations

Add one payment gateway or allow all your locations to accept payments separately. Access all your Sales, Bookings and Client’s data so you can see exactly how your business is doing. Use Omnify analytics to understand how your different locations are performing.

Effortless payments even if your business runs from all the places you set it up
No matter as many locations your business runs from, Omnify helps in multi-location scheduling across time zones

Real-time availability updates

Keep your schedule up-to-date with real-time availability updates that prevent double bookings. Omnify's software instantly updates your calendar as soon as a booking is made, so you can avoid conflicts and manage your time effectively.

Why Multi-Locations use Omnify
Memberships and Facilities

Omnify simplifies running multiple locations with cutting-edge technology. Avoid double bookings and streamline operations to maximize bookings and ensure excellent customer attention.Don't let the complexity of running multiple locations slow you down - let Omnify's scheduling software simplify your business and help you achieve success.

Talk to Sales
“Omnify fulfills our needs by streamlining booking, payments, and customer data management. Their insights show us where we are strong today and where we can improve for a better tomorrow.”
“Not only for the administrators but also for the members, Omnify has been fun to use. I get a lot of feedback from members who say it’s wonderful to have the possibility to book swim slots online!” 

Top Features

QR Check Ins

Streamlines the check-in process for your customers, saving them time and hassle, while providing you with real-time attendance tracking and data insights.


Create a wide range of discounts, such as percentage-based or fixed amount discounts. Increase sales and customer loyalty.


Leave no customer behind. Add customers on waitlists if slots are full and send automated emails once a slot opens up!

Client Portal

Take a customer-first approach, and let your clients take full control of their bookings with a custom profile.

Liability Waivers

Create customized waivers within minutes, store them online, and send signed copies to your clients. Protect your business from any liabilities or risks.

Advanced Analytics

Stay ahead with smart dashboard insights and data management. Get a comprehensive 360° view of your business

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