How LexGetFit Grew Exponentially with Omnify Fitness Studio Software

LexGetFit offers in-class and virtual fitness classes

Emily Johnson has been a fitness instructor for a little over 10 years now. She is the owner of LexGetFit Studio, located in Kentucky, United States. Being a personal trainer and a nutrition coach, her pride resides in the fact that she has been an active contributor to fitness making her students healthier each passing day. Her story of building a fitness business has a personal touch to it. Fighting obesity herself, she was familiar with the kind of challenges while embarking on a fitness journey. Her understanding of these hurdles and empathy towards others in the same boat encouraged her to guide people to healthier and happier lifestyles.

Asked about her favorite part of teaching, Emily says-

"It is probably the look on their faces, the smiles of the class participants when they know they're working hard…... and getting stronger." 

Getting the Studio Up and Running

Before getting her independent physical space in 2019, Emily was subletting other gyms’ renting spaces when she started way back in 2011. Needless to say, renting a space in commercial real estate is financially draining. But, even with these challenges, Emily initially built a close-knit bunch of 50 participants, with the motto - ‘Fitness makes Family.’ 

However, as her studio grew in size and customer retention became more critical, Emily began to spend a lot more time improving her services.

“While being an entrepreneur is fulfilling, it is exhausting at times too. I think entrepreneurs, on average, work 60-65 hours a week. It’s like you are always working”
LexGetFit uses Omnify Fitness Studio Management Software for class scheduling, payments and more

 At this point, Emily decided to look for a suitable fitness scheduling software that would help her cut down the manual effort of running a class and came across Omnify. Using the Omnify fitness studio software, she built a website where she could streamline online payments, enable fluidity in bookings and check-ins, and seamlessly manage class capacity as well.

As she remembers-

“We knew we needed a platform that fits our requirements the best. There are a number of them out there with varying price points and capabilities. When we stumbled upon Omnify and explored its features, we saw that it was perfect for the type of boutique fitness studio that I was setting up, taking care of all the tasks that were time-consuming and kind of took my attention away from my students.”
LexGetFit fitness instructors in their studio in Kentucky, United States

Today, apart from her, LexGetFit has four instructors teaching arms and abs, butts and guts, kettlebell burn, strength endurance training class, metabolic conditioning class, hip hop dance, yin yoga style, booty barre, and Zumba, to mention a few.

Accelerating studio growth with Omnify

Omnify's fitness studio management software provided LexGetFit with an improved customer experience. Emily was pretty delighted with its booking feature that was so flexible that it allows her clients to book classes well ahead of time; some clients book for a whole week, a few book two weeks in advance, and then there are others that book just 30 minutes before class. This ability to reserve a spot or manage their schedules is a rewarding experience for her customers and encourages them to book more often!
With Omnify, Emily no longer has to worry about taking payments as everything's done through the platform's payment integration with Stripe.

"It reduces the headache for me. It also helps me keep better records for paying my independent contractors, which was not the case earlier. Before Omnify, I had to make all payments either by cash or check; the pain was going to the bank every time. Now it's a lot easier to be able to just pay online."
LexGetFit was able to streamline operations and deliver great customer experience with Omnify

Customer Support that invests in your growth

Omnify makes every customer interaction count. Emily was blown away by the dependable support team that was always there to help. In Emily's words-

“I can send in a message no matter what time; there is always somebody responding with lightning speed! It may be the tiniest issue - say clearing my cache or some small fix, because computers aren’t necessarily my thing. But Omnify customer service has been great at explaining anything I need help with, how something is working so that I understand it better”.

LexGetFit has been using Omnify since 2018. In fact, Emily took off with her first virtual class in 2019. So, when the pandemic closed doors for many gyms and fitness centers, LexGetFit was still going strong. Now LexGetFit conducts both virtual classes and in-person classes for customers who are double-vaccinated. As Emily’s husband Jerill Johnson cheerfully added-

“I am proud that she’s been able to grow a fitness studio through the middle of a global pandemic, bringing quality of service and inspiration to her folks!”

Like LexGetFit, Omnify has helped thousands of businesses, including fitness studios, streamline their bookings and registrations, manage online payments, go virtual with Zoom integration, and deliver a great customer experience while saving a significant amount of time and resources.

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Read how Omnify's Fitness Studio Management software helped LexGetFit Studio to manage bookings and online payments and grow exponentially over the years.

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