How Muirwood Square CA Ensured Equitable Pool Access with Omnify

Muirwood Square has always sold more than just real estate. Built in the storied Walnut Creek, California, this premium condominium association has sold its residents a pleasant dream - a promise of a better life and a happy and healthy community to support them.

Muirwood Square Condominium Association is situated in Walnut Creek, CA

In their own words,

"Muirwood is a collection of townhomes and condominiums, designed to exist in harmony with its natural setting."

The neighborhood is surrounded by lush greenery in the East Bay Area and creates a calm and open environment for the residents.

Reinforcing the value of community living

Muirwood Square Condominium Association (CA) is home to 110 independent units. The residents in the neighborhood enjoy a number of amenities that add to the recreational value of their community. They could always choose to stretch their legs on any of the area’s scenic walking paths or hiking trails, unwind with a swim at the community pool, or even take a day off at the neighborhood spa!

Muirwood Square streamlined operations with Omnify’s pool reservation system

As a result of the pandemic and the subsequent guidelines issued by states and counties, Muirwood Square needed to establish a fair and transparent system to ensure every resident got the chance to use their swimming pool even with limited capacities in place.

According to Lucinda, the Association President,

"Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, we needed to find a way to equitably share the limited number of reservations in a way our residents would find easy & convenient"
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Equitable Access Management with Omnify

The association soon realized that technology could help them with their situation, but their lack of technological know-how was a serious factor as they considered their options. Omnify presented itself as a simple, yet comprehensive swimming pool reservation system that could ensure every resident got their time at the pool.

"The flexibility of Omnify's platform allowed us to share our own liability waiver and Emergency Pool Rules. It has also helped us adapt our workflow and capacities as COVID-19 restrictions changed over time."  

The community association has been able to provide a better swimming pool booking experience to their residents through smart capacity management and they have also been able to communicate more efficiently since choosing Omnify.

Lucinda says,

"Omnify has made it especially easy for us to communicate with our residents. It was of great help to be able to email specific individuals or all residents through the system depending on our requirements."

Support beyond technology

While the community association at Muirwood has plenty to love about Omnify's pool reservation system, they're also thrilled by Omnify's alert and responsive customer support!

Speaking about their interactions with Omnify's team, Lucinda says,

"Omnify's customer support has been fantastic from the day we had our first meeting during the product demo. They listened carefully to our needs, understood all of our concerns and responded with a clear explanation of how Omnify plans could meet those."

For Lucinda and the board at Muirwood Square, Omnify's constant support has ensured that the lack of tech knowledge was never a problem as they guided the facility staff and managers through every step of the process.

"Omnify's attentive customer support throughout set-up and launch made a huge difference to the pool reopening. They were on hand to answer any and all questions asked and ensured we had a speedy & smooth re-opening."

Omnify has helped over a thousand pools manage their operations safely over the last year. Facility managers have been able to automate key reservation operations, simplify and synchronize scheduling, improve communication within their teams and with visitors, and manage capacities at their pool without affecting individual pool times. Customers have found great joy in working with the customer support team to streamline their operations and shift their focus towards delivering a great experience to visitors at their pool.

Learn more about how you can use Omnify to upgrade operations at your facility and add more value for your visitors today!

Here’s how California’s Muirwood Square Community Association used Omnify’s pool reservation system to optimize capacity management at their facility.

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