How DSW 12 Darmstadt Improved Sports Club Management with Omnify

DSW 12 Darmstadt swimming club

DSW 12 Darmstadt is a sports club based in Germany, established way back in 1912. Since then, the club has been hosting several sporting activities, including triathlon, volleyball, swimming and water sports, for its members. The club has years of experience in actively conducting athletic training, helping members participate in various sporting competitions, organizing vacation trips and hiking, and many other social gatherings.

One of the prime highlights of the club is its 200-member strong swimming department with a significant proportion of children and young adults. For a club that has existed for over a hundred years, DSW 12 Darmstadt has managed its swimming department from around the time of its inception. The swim club focuses primarily on performance-oriented swimming, offers classic swimming courses for kids and skill-improving swimming courses for adults. But, the most noteworthy part is having master swimmers such as Olympic bronze medalist Marco Koch and many other eminent athletes train at the club.

A swimmer at DSW 12 Darmstadt

It was imperative for a club of such legendary stature to keep improving its swimming pool scheduling and member management and live to today's expectations. And why not? For DSW 12 Darmstadt, it was all about ensuring that every member who drops in discovers a seamless and quality experience.

It was a delight for Omnify to get in touch with Mike from DSW 12 Darmstadt on their journey since choosing our platform and how it has helped them support athletes, improve their coaching and contribute to their community's wellbeing.

Efficient sports club management with Omnify

DSW 12 Darmstadt was initially looking for a system to set up their swimming lanes. They found Omnify to be the best-suited sports club scheduling and management system in the market because of its superb usability right from the trial period.

According to Mike-

“Omnify is the right tool for us. The software is self-explanatory and with very good support like no one else.”

DSW 12 Darmstadt uses Omnify for their Sports club management

Running a members-only pool required the right amount of discipline in terms of organizing their swim classes, maintaining swim slots, and a decent amount of backend work to keep everything up and running. However, setting up Omnify’s system was a piece of cake. 

Like Mike mentions -

“Setting up Omnify was very easy, they have a clear menu where you can find things you are looking for.” 

Simplicity trumps sophistication

Omnify empowered DSW 12 Darmstadt by giving them more control in managing reservations without the hassle of having to do things manually. 

Mike and his team discovered how the simplicity of Omnify’s sports club scheduling software was even enjoyed by their pool members. It has been a match beyond comparison for effective pool scheduling, thus enriching their member experience. 

DSW 12 Darmstadt effectively schedules pool times with Omnify

As Mike confirmed -

“Not only for the administrators but also for the members, Omnify has been fun to use. I get a lot of feedback from members who say it’s wonderful to have the possibility to book swim slots online!” 

There is nothing like getting positive feedback from people who matter the most to an organization. For DSW 12 Darmstadt, creating a better experience for their members has been nothing less than striking gold!

The ideal solution for any organization

DSW 12 Darmstadt swimming team

With Omnify, DSW 12 Darmstadt has not only improved the process of bookings and reservations but upgraded their entire day-to-day operations with features such as membership benefits, smart scheduling, attendance tracking, ease of payments, and much more. Simply put, Omnify is a huge plus for any admin working behind the scenes in an organization.

Mike’s words of advice for other business administrators -

“To all administrators of booking systems in the world, choose Omnify. It’s a very good software and has fantastic support. I am completely happy and cannot find any negative things about Omnify.”

Omnify has helped thousands of sports clubs streamline their bookings and registrations, collect and store customer information safely, manage online payments, and deliver a great customer experience while improving retention rates.

If you would like to grow your business with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use sports club management software, then learn more about how Omnify can improve your operations and get started today!

Find out how DSW 12 Darmstadt of Germany was able to improve its pool bookings and enhance member experience using Omnify’s Sports Club Management software.

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