How Equestria Redefined Their Horse Riding Lessons with Omnify

Argentina is well known for its rich equestrian tradition. The country’s rich landscape includes the grasslands of Pampas and the massive Andes mountain range. Argentina is also the birthplace of Criollo horses and gauchos - making ‘equitacion’ or horse riding across horseback trails fairly common across the South American nation’s landscape.

When discussing equestrian tradition, one cannot simply overlook the game of Polo. Though polo originated in India, by the end of the 19th century it was brought to Argentina by the Britishers and quickly adopted by the Argentine riders. In fact, Argentina hosted the first Polo World Cup in 1987 in Buenos Aires. Today, Argentina is also the world’s largest exporter of horses for polo.

An ode to equestrian culture

Equestria is well known for their polo and horse riding lessons in Buenos Aires

In keeping with Argentina’s love for equitacion, Equestria has been teaching and organizing equestrian sports in Buenos Aires since 2006. Spending a day at Equestria is a unique experience. From learning polo to meeting the horses or simply enjoying a field day with barbeque and Argentine wine tasting, Equestria truly brings the Argentine countryside to the city!

Nicholas, the owner of Equestria spoke to Omnify about how they started off with this family-owned business and how they continue to focus on optimizing their operation to run the organization, while still retaining their age-old traditions.

Today, Equestria has 60 horses and around 200 clients visiting them daily to enjoy the different services offered - including horse riding and polo, pony clubs for kids, jumping classes, personalized training, horse caring classes, and much more!

Harnessing growth with technology

Omnify’s horse riding school booking system helped Equestria manage their classes effectively

As Equestria’s business grew over the years, Nicholas began to find it increasingly difficult to run the business without compromising the enriching equestrian experience they were now synonymous with.

Nicholas began to look for a solution that would help him optimize Equestria’s operations, set up a scheduling system for effective class management, and focus on growing their business.

“I was looking for a horse riding school booking system that understood our business. A system where my clients could purchase their lessons online and give them an online view of our lessons (offerings). Our challenge was that we wanted our clients to purchase the lesson first without having to call or email us. We wanted to be quick and therefore wanted a robust scheduling system.”

Equestria found Omnify during their quest for an intuitive and smart horse riding lesson booking software. With Omnify, Equestria’s clients could view all classes and schedules beforehand, a transparent list of available classes, and slots sorted by date and time.

“The system is very friendly in terms of bookings and rescheduling classes. It’s the transparency of the system that is really important.”

For Nicholas, people showing up at his property and not finding a horse or a riding slot was not nice. He wanted a better client experience after all. The Omnify membership management feature really suited Equestria.

“Our main goal is to deliver a good learning experience to our clients, which also means that there’s a lot of responsibility for our instructors. My clients should be satisfied.
I have switched to selling credits which gives a lot more transparency. Members know how many credits they have used, when they expire and keep a record of any modifications we did to the pack.”

Consolidating team management with Omnify

Omnify helped simplify team management for Nicholas and trimmed his administrative workload

Equestria believes in building a dream team and to keep the current team motivated too.

“I understand that the team needs to grow which will help the business to grow as well.”

Since it is a smaller team now, each staff member had to manage multiple tasks and divide the responsibilities.

But with Omnify, team management has gotten easier and the excess administrative workload has been trimmed to allow the staff to pay more personal attention to their clients.

As Nicholas says -

“With Omnify, the load on my team has reduced. We have become a little more independent, things take less time and our clients depend less on us so it’s working a lot better than before!”

A platform for everyone

It was easy for Equestria’s staff to adapt to Omnify’s horse riding lesson booking software

With Omnify’s accessible and intuitive horse riding lesson booking software, adapting to technology has never been easier! Nicholas and the rest of the Equestria staff have been able to connect with the system very quickly.

In his own words, Nicholas exclaimed -

“Omnify is easy to integrate to my website since it’s just a plugin and there you have your own service store!”

Helping you succeed 24 hours a day!

Speaking about the experience with Omnify’s customer service, Nicholas had some really good words to share.

He said -

“The best thing about Omnify is the support team. We love Omnify’s chat option. There’s always someone there to answer your questions. It has helped me and my team incredibly well. Without having anyone to talk to, would have just not worked!”

Omnify has helped several businesses across verticals to be able to work with greater efficiency, offering safe and quality experiences. If you, too, would like to save time on day-to-day tasks and focus energy on improving your classes and customer experience, Sign up with Omnify and transform your organization today!

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