How Kelly O’Shea struck the right chords in her business with Omnify

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul” – Plato

Music has the power to invoke even the unthinkable. For Kelly O'Shea Music has always been the love of her life. She is a singer and performer from Los Angeles, California who happens to have two musical degrees. 

Musical beginnings

Kelly’s musical journey began when she was a kid. She grew up singing, performing and acting in musical theater.  Kelly's dream was to pursue her passion as a career. She started her music career by gigging in restaurants and bars, Kelly’s love for music and her teaching experience for the past 7 years pushed her to launch her own performing arts studio- KO Voice Studio. She focuses mainly on singing techniques along with performance and acting. 

Her love for performing arts

Kelly as a kid grew up in a musical theater. Learning classical music, acting and performing her whole life, found her passion for music and performing arts. She was keen to recreate the environment she grew up in, with that in mind she kickstarted the KO voice studio. KO voice studio picked up in a flash, Adored by four year olds to young adults her performing arts pulled in ample enthusiasts. 

Kelly’s teaching motivated a lot of kids to overcome their shyness and explore their talents. She always emboldens her students with disabilities which rewards her with emerging new talents. Students of KO studio are serious about music and many have even scored lead roles in local theaters. 

New challenges ensue with running a business:

Being a novice entrepreneur Kelly had to learn a lot about running a business. Her path was initially demanding. Challenged in putting all the classes together, putting the softwares together, She had to deal with hours of managing messy google sheets. When she realized she lost track of time in managing schedules, she began to search for a solution that would help her save all that time and effort.

As she recalls 

 “Omnify has helped me a lot with the part of kind of filling my shoes in putting together the programs, putting  together the software, for everything”

She learnt about Omnify from her good friend Molly Dun, business owner of Lux Performing Arts. Using Omnify, Kelly built her website which helped her to have classpacks,visibility of abandoned carts which helped her to retarget her potential customers. 

As she emphasized

“I needed a software that gives me a lot of options to run the business and to formulate the business however I want”

Omnify-Makes things simpler

For KO studio its important that customers get all the information that they want before booking a class and minimizing hours spent on it

Kelly remembers 

“I think that the customers enjoy that there's just one specific place to go where they can get all the information and pay for the class”

Omnify is always supportive

Omnify’s customer service is unmatched. We understand your challenges and solve them swiftly round the clock. Kelly is blown away by how our customer support team is always there for her whenever she wants 

In the words of Kelly-

“Omnify helped me decide how I wanted to form the class, I would call and talk to people about helping them set me up then it was super easy. Before when I was trying to do it on my own it was a bit confusing but people at omnify helped me walk through the process to setup everything it was pretty easy” 

Kelly points out how Omnify solved all the challenges she faced as a new business owner

“ I’ll definitely recommend omnify its a great programming software especially for people like me that are starting business for the first time and may not be completely familiar with doing this aspect of it”
“If I ever like my friend who helped me get in the business of owning their own music school or any type of small business that you’re doing solely on by yourself I would definitely recommend it to help you organize things and get a nice program” 

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