How Spool School Spun Gold With Omnify

A sewing maching at Spool School

Meet Jaime Stepic, the owner of Spool School, located in Duluth, Georgia. For Jaime, sewing has been an integral part of her life. Something that started as a hobby when she was very young, this vibrant solopreneur taught herself to sew everything from quilts to dresses to handbags! She wanted to spread her love of sewing and all that she had learned to both children and adults through her classes. 

Jaime hopped onto this journey of teaching and honing her students' creative skills through sewing and empowering them to take the first step in the dynamic fashion world! Moreso, it's all about the learning experience and passion for needle arts in her studio. Offering sewing classes, camps, workshops, and special events, Spool School is a 'crafting dream' come true, or as they like to put it, 'Sew Much Awesome'!

Grow with the Flow

When Jaime initially embarked on this teaching journey, she started with just a group of friends in her garage. Today, her studio is 40-50 people strong with a shared passion for sewing. Jaime is an ambitious solopreneur and also trying to take her business to more than one location and stay on top of the challenges of running multiple locations.

“I would like to get a couple of more locations in the area, definitely multiple locations. There’s a lot of opportunities!”
Students at Spool School

As her sewing business started expanding, from getting her own studio to hosting more and more classes for kids and adults, she recognized that scaling up came with its own challenges.

In her own words-

“I was looking for a class management software because it was getting a little bit harder for me to manage as I grew.”

Simplify Operations with the Right Technology

Thus, Jaime began her search for an intuitive and affordable class scheduling system that perfectly matched her studio needs. She wanted the right technology for her business with the best usability. Technology that suited all of her business needs was not only critical for easy adoption but would also remove any roadblocks to smooth operations.

Spool School managed classes with Omnify Class Scheduling Software

In her experience of using a different software initially, this is what she had to say-

“I tried Acuity Scheduling which was probably good for someone else, but for me, it was a bit too much to manage! It was difficult for me because I had to schedule each class separately.”

As Jaime relates-

“A better system helps you stick out professionally, especially if you’re a small business. You don’t want a clunky system because that’s gonna drive people away, making them confused. And of course, without good technology supporting your small business, you can’t compete with a bigger competitor or at least look professional on your website.”

This is when Spool School discovered Omnify and moved to the platform in June 2021. Since using Omnify’s Class Scheduling software, Jaime has been stitching together her class schedules seamlessly! 

Here, Jaime mentions -

“With Omnify, my students can just buy a classpack and schedule whenever they want to or buy a classpack and come consecutively or skip a week, that’s fine. My students seem less confused, and I get fewer calls to guide them through the process. Now I am far more prepared, and so is everyone else because they are able to schedule themselves.”

Partnering beyond the technology

Creative stitching classes for kids at Spool School

Evidently, Spool School saved a lot of time and effort in administering their business by automating the scheduling, payments, and communications part of it. By streamlining operations and real-time availability, a small team like Spool School has been able to sail smoothly and stay on top of their class registrations.

And if at any time the business did find any glitch or needed support, the Omnify customer service team has always been present with rock-solid backing. Jaime Stepic has some amazing things to say about Omnify’s customer service.

“I have been blown away by the Omnify Customer Support. The way they answered every question that I had was mindblowing. I was super nervous about initially having to set up as I am not techy at all. But all my queries, everything I’ve asked about has been addressed.”

A Class Scheduling Software that helps you scale

Omnify helped Spool School scale up

With Omnify’s Class Scheduling software, Spool School not only revamped its bookings and scheduling but also changed its perspective on how an appropriate technology platform can provide the ideal solution for any business, taking it to great heights. Jaime believes that she sees the benefits of using Omnify, and everyone should adopt a system like this.

She says-

“Omnify is super easy to use, user friendly, and most importantly, there are a lot of others that are way too expensive for a solopreneur like me. Omnify is awesome and affordable too!”

Omnify’s class scheduling software has helped thousands of teachers, trainers, and educational institutions save time on day-to-day tasks and focus their energy on improving their classes and customer experience. Learn more about how Omnify can help you to transform your organization today!

This customer story explains why Spool School needed a class scheduling software and how they streamlined their operations after signing up with Omnify.

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