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No more handling payments manually. Omnify eliminates the hassle of managing payments in your business, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Manage upcoming events in your health clubs, fitness centre etc.. with user friendly single platform promoting community engagement

How is Omnify’s Appointment Scheduling Different?

Driver higher ROI from your Appointments
Maximize your revenue with Omnify’s booking platform by increasing repeat appointments and maximizing sales.
2-way Calendar Sync
Manage your availability in real-time with Omnify’s 2-way sync with Google Calendar and avoid booking conflicts.
Manage Your Schedules & Clients on Mobile
Use our mobile app to manage your appointment schedules, check-ins, and communications on the go.

Accept Online & Offline Payments

Give your clients the friendliest booking experience with faster and smoother transactions. With Omnify, unlock convenience for clients and let them choose their choice of payment method from flexible payment options.

Omnify also serves as an Event management software that helps streamline online registration using various communication tools and administrative tools
Manage your memberships features like online payment processing, recurring payments, client database management, personalized online store, detailed financial reports, event calendars etc…

Payment Collections: Automated & Effortless!

Supercharge your transactions process through real-time confirmations on bookings, cancellations and request payment links sent to clients. Stay updated on subscription renewals with payment reminder emails triggered 24 hours prior to expiration. Omnify eliminates the need to do manual follow-ups. Let your business and clients experience the thrill of effortless payments!

Simplify Recurring Payments

You asked and we listened! Our highly requested feature is in beta now! You can now set up recurring billing cycles for each service and subscription. Ensure steady cash inflow by enabling automated recurring payments for your recurring classes and memberships. No more chasing payments, just pure convenience!

Omnify helps in business management of your sports clubs streamlining to collect payments, email marketing such as welcome messages etc..
Omnify offers a mobile friendly cloud based membership management software to seamlessly manage your services

Automate your Refunds

Improve the reliability of your brand with 1- Click refunds. Once a booking is cancelled you can enable refunds with just one click– directly from Omnify dashboard!

Boost Sales with Discounts & Charges

You can offer discounts on your services to your clients on multiple occasions. Also, you can easily apply cancellation charges when someone cancels their bookings. Not only that, you can send invoices with payment links to your clients all from one integrated dashboard.

Omnify helps in business management of your sports clubs streamlining to collect payments, email marketing such as welcome messages etc..
Omnify offers a mobile friendly cloud based membership management software to seamlessly manage your services

Collect Taxes & Charges via Omnify

Simplify tax configurations with Omnify. You can set up and apply various taxes directly from our dashboard ensuring smooth and accurate transactions. You can also include additional fees such as payment gateway charges or any other maintenance charges, to be covered, effortlessly!

Safe & Secure Online Payments
Safeguard your payment transactions and secure peace of mind with Omnify’s integrated payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, Paytrace, FPX Payments, Razorpay and more custom payments.
Memberships and Facilities
Memberships and Facilities

Financial reports

Omnify's comprehensive analytics and reports provide a vivid snapshot of your income and expenses. Easily organize your revenue based on payment type and source. Decide where to allocate your investments wisely and where to exercise caution with Omnify Reports

Track payments

Effortlessly track and manage payments with Omnify mobile app. Within a few taps, take complete control of your transactions. Access detailed payment history and conveniently manage your finances with OmnifyGO mobile app.

Cancellation & Refunds Automation

Take control of cancellations and refunds with your own pre-set rules. Save your valuable time and effort with us!

“We needed a platform to take registrations and payments for a number of different programs all in one place that is easy to use.”
“The fact that I can receive payments without me having to be there is great. I don’t need to remember or record when people’s packages start, how many classes are left, and so on!” 
“Before Omnify, I had to make all payments either by cash or check; the pain was going to the bank every time. Now it's a lot easier with the platform’s integration with Stripe!”

Top Features

Auto-recuring Payments

Joining Fee

Variable duration & tiered pricing

Billing Date

Membership Benefits on Access

Membership Benefits on Pricing

Custom Fields

Membership Expiration & Extension

Cancellation Policies

Omnify Go for Mobile

Abandoned Payments


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