How Kriya Yoga Studio accelerated Online Sales after switching over to Omnify

Know how it feels to be at a place where you find your utmost calm and tranquility? A place when you just step in and immediately find your zen corner? Kriya Yoga Studio is exactly that place! Located in New South Wales, Australia, Kriya Yoga is more than just a yoga studio. It is well-known as a safe, welcoming, and nurturing space with soft shades of light and calming aromatic appeal that’s perfect for a session of stretching, meditation, and mindfulness.

Kriya Yoga Studio offers both in-studio as well as live-streaming classes. Among their many offerings are Zen Meditation, Bhakti Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Satsang, Mantra Chanting, Pregnancy Yoga, and Kids Yoga.

Managing these diverse groups of classes and sessions is not easy. Omnify helps Kriya Yoga with a platform to manage all aspects of business operations. The Director of Kriya Yoga Studio shares her experience of using Omnify for her business. Let’s find out more about it.

Please help us with your introduction.-

I am Sadhana, Director at Kriya Yoga Studio.

What challenges were you facing, and what motivated you to solve them?

We needed to manage our bookings efficiently, and Omnify provides the most easily accessible way for people to book classes. It has a feature that enables easy sharing of the classes' online links to the members via a direct link to book the class. This online link to the booking system is impressive! It also helped me to integrate the service store seamlessly with my website.

How do you use our product, and how have you benefited from using Omnify?

We have a lot of live-streaming yoga classes. Omnify’s Zoom Integration feature is super helpful in this aspect. Omnify integrates Zoom links to the booking system, which allows smooth traffic to my online classes. The best thing about it is that it can provide a unique meeting link for each class schedule as well. Other than that, Omnify is also convenient for regular in-studio bookings.

How has Omnify improved your day-to-day life?

Yes, Omnify has definitely improved my day-to-day life. It’s an independent system. So, now I can focus on core business aspects rather than getting stuck with day-to-day queries.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Omnify is a great team to work with. They have a very efficient staff who has attended to all our needs in a timely manner.

Alternatives Considered

We were using Mindbody for two years before switching over to Omnify.

How have we managed to help you in the growth of your business? Can you share some revenue numbers/growth percentages, etc.?

After joining Omnify, we got more memberships registered online, which is great! However, it’s been only a month of using Omnify, so it is too early to share the numbers.

What would you tell someone who's considering Omnify?

To anyone who’s considering Omnify or looking for an intuitive platform to manage their business operations- 

“Definitely go for it, as it will help streamline the administration work along with efficiency in memberships and payments”.

We, at Omnify, thank Kriya Yoga Studio for the kind words. We wish you well too and shall continue to serve you better.

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Kriya Yoga Studio shares its Omnify experience praising the platform’s many features including Zoom integration, ease of booking and excellent customer support

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