Active Network Vs. Omnify

If Active Network is about size, Omnify is about sensibility. Businesses are happily switching from Active Network to Omnify. Create your personalized store today, integrate your branding, and start selling within minutes!

Why are businesses switching from Active Network to Omnify?

Easiest Set-up Guaranteed!

Say Goodbye to complex onboarding process with Omnify's super-intuitive platform! Fastest and easiest set-up assured. No steep learning curve. Just focus on selling!

Quality on a Budget!

Omnify is your affordable alternative. All key features of a premium booking system come in our Free Plan, so you can test-drive and figure out what suits you the best!

Tailored for every need!

Perfect for not just YMCAs and enterprises but businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a one-person show or a big facility, Omnify is engineered to meet the needs of everyone!

But is Omnify my answer to Active Network?

Streamline business operations with a branded storefront, website integration, easy scheduling, and client management. Easily add widgets to existing websites.
Manage multiple classes, clients, and bookings with ease. The client portal helps clients manage subscriptions, bookings, payments, and family members.
Take your business everywhere with Omnify GO mobile app for real-time updates and seamless workflows.

“Omnify’s booking system was the main feature that first pulled me in. Then, as I started to use it more, I discovered there was a lot more I could do with the platform and that became a turning point for us.”

-Yousuf Nabi, Elements Martial Arts

Is Omnify as good as Active is for YMCAs?

Absolutely! Omnify works with individuals, small class-based businesses, facilities of all sizes and its intuitive technology is geared to address specific needs of each one of them. Hence not just feature-wise but even Omnify pricing is designed in a way that meets the requirements of anyone- starting big or small!Not just that, with Omnify, you can automate daily tasks and streamline processes with our robust software integrations via Zapier. Name any popular app that you love using, and you can get it integrated in no time!If you are a small facility, it crucial to carefully evaluate all options to make a wise choice. That's where Omnify comes in!

I want to upgrade my clients’ experience

Bring your brand to life with a personalized storefront that's optimized for all devices, making it easy for your clients to book from anywhere!
Simplify client management with Omnify. Give your clients control over bookings, subscriptions, and family accounts. Choose what information you want from your clients using custom fields.

Who has the time to migrate?

Switching software can be tough, but with Omnify, you can get up and running in just a few days. Our Migration Assistance feature makes importing information from Mindbody a breeze, and if you need extra help, just request assistance through your dashboard. We'll make the transition as smooth as possible!

“Omnify fulfills our needs by streamlining booking, payments, and customer data management. Their insights show us where we are strong today and where we can improve for a better tomorrow.”

-Johnny Kwan, Jump Beyond Sports

Ok, Let’s do this! Show me Omnify.

Switching over to Omnify is easy. Start a free Omnify account, use your Email Address or Google Account to continue with Omnify, and Start Selling!

Just getting started with your own business?

Fire up your business with Omnify’s booking engine!

Start Selling in Minutes