FPX - Now live in Malaysia!

Salaam Malaysia!

We come bearing exciting news! 

But before that - Did you know Malaysia transacts over $90 Million online, directly through banking portals yearly? 

With most Malaysians preferring to transact via bank redirects, we understand the need for a method to enable you and your clients to be able to conduct transactions directly from the bank portals. Bank redirects is a way to make online payments directly from the banking portal.

Well, you don't have to wait anymore! Omnify has introduced payments via banks through FPX (Financial Process Exchange)! We told you we have exciting news!

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that redirects payments to the client's online banking portal. When a client chooses to pay via FPX, they will be redirected to their respective banking portal from where they can log in and transact.

PS: This is only available to Omnify users in Malaysia.

In order to enable FPX payments, you will have to have enable FPX as a mode of payment mode on Stripe. If your Stripe account supports FPX, adding it to Omnify’s booking flow is a piece of cake.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Navigate to ‘Payments’ and click on Stripe. 
  3. If you aren’t connected to Stripe yet - go ahead and do that right away. You can refer to this support document here to know how. <Link to support doc>
  4. When Stripe is connected, you will see an option to ‘Enable FPX Payment option’. Go ahead and toggle it on.

And that’s it - you have enabled FPX payments for your clients.

What does the flow look like for clients?

When a client goes to book their non-recurring service, in the booking flow they get an option to pay using FPX Payment. 

Once they select the option of FPX payment and continue, they will be asked to choose a bank from a list of available options, and can proceed with the payment!

Here is how the entire process works:

Source: Stripe

And just like that, the payment has been made in a few short steps! Isn't this amazing? Very soon Bank redirects will be introduced in every geography.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Drop in a message on the chat icon on the bottom right!

Financial Process Exchange is now live in Malaysia! Now clients can book directly from their banks online portal for increased safety


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