How Coach Eric Chung launched a full virtual studio in less than 48 hours 🤸‍♂️

Eric has been a Fitness Coach since 2005. Over the years, he trained across multiple disciplines and now specialize in Calisthenics, Yoga, Hand Balancing, Mobility, and Flexibility. Eric subscribed to Omnify after his in-person studio had to be closed because of COVID-19. With the help of Omnify, he was able to set up a full virtual studio in less than 48 hours. 

Moreover, Eric crossed 5 digits revenue figure within a month after going Live with Omnify 🙌

We spoke to Eric Chung to know more about his Business & his processes:

Please help us with your introduction.

Hi, I'm Eric and here is a little about me: I've been a Fitness Coach since 2005. Over the years, I've trained across multiple disciplines and now specialize in Calisthenics, Yoga, Hand Balancing, Mobility, and Flexibility.

As a Professional Fitness Coach, my passion is to guide people towards unlocking their true physical potential. I approach my practice like a sport; instead of competing against others. I believe that the biggest competition you have is with yourself and who you were yesterday.

My utilitarian and unique teaching encapsulates the uniqueness of each different individual. Through more than a decade of working with many different bodies, I have acquired the experience and knowledge to know how to guide you out of your comfort zone, pushing you just a little more. Putting ‘FUNCTION’ at the center of my approach to teaching yields the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and has an impactful motivational effect on students.

Due to the Cover-19 restrictions coming into place, I knew I had to adapt to the "new norm", that's when I started moving my teaching online, and now teaching through my Virtual Interactive Fitness Group Classes. As my approach has been quite unorthodox, I decided to make the online classes interactive. So you can expect each class to be capped at a maximum of 10 participants, and this will be interactive so students can get instantaneous feedback. These virtual classes are not only offering physical training but providing a platform for people to connect, creating a sense of community virtually whilst practicing social distancing.

What kind of business do you run?

Virtual Fitness Group Classes, specializing in Bodyweight strength and conditioning, Handstand and Flexibility.

What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?

As all fitness centers were ordered to close, it hit me hard, wondering how I will be able to not only financially support myself, but more importantly, continue sharing my passion for fitness with others. My passion and love for what I do motivate me to adapt and find another way to continue providing my service, and that's how the Virtual Interactive Classes came about.

How do you use our product, and how have you benefited from using Omnify?

As I started planning my virtual classes, I realized the biggest obstacle I'll be facing is to organize the schedule for all the classes and streamlining a payment method. That is how Omnify has come to my rescue. Omnify has been there with me since I came across their service late one night. The support I've received from Omnify has been nothing short of amazing. I managed to set up the entire schedule for all my virtual classes within TWO days, providing me a platform where students can easily book and pay for classes.

How has Omnify improved your day-to-day life?

Omnify has taken away all my worries and the potential many many hours in organizing the schedules, processing through bookings and taking payments manually.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Since I started working with Omnify, one thing that stands out the most is their continuous support. Whenever I have a question, issue or encounter a problem, Omnify will come to my rescue RIGHT AWAY. Again, thank you Omnify!

How have we managed to help you in the growth of your business? 

Omnify has provided a streamlined platform for clients to book my services during this unprecedented time. Because of the ease of use for my clients, it has allowed the client to book into my services.

What would you tell someone who's considering Omnify?

If you want a scheduling service to streamline your workload, Omnify is highly recommended. The support I've received from Omnify it's unbeatable in comparison to many other scheduling services I've used over the years of working in the fitness industry.

“If you are looking for affordable scheduling software, Omnify is seriously highly recommended. The help and support I get through the process are unparalleled to anything I've experienced. Kudos to Omnify's team and keep up the great work!”- Eric Chung.

Thank you, Eric, for your continued support.

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Read how Omnify enabled Coach Eric Chung to launch his virtual fitness studio within 48 hours & achieve a five-digit revenue figure 🚀

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