New Feature: Change Wordings on Dashboard

We all know how dashboard settings are an invaluable resource for your business. Your Omnify dashboard is an intelligent, secure, and easy-to-access place for businesses to store, display and manage information, communicate metrics, understand trends, and do a lot more that is core in running a company or organization.

What could we do to even better your Omnify Dashboard experience? How about making it a little more customizable to facilitate excellent alignment with say- your team or your customers? Worth a try? Let’s know more!

Introducing Global Wordings on Dashboard

Until now Omnify Dashboard had settings to change wordings in the service store that were customizable but reflected only on your Service Store and not across the dashboard. With this Beta release, we intend to take our first step towards renaming store wordings that completely suits you and your business, starting with ‘Classes’.

Now when you rename ‘Classes’ to ‘Sessions’/ ‘Slots’ or any other favorite term that you commonly use, you can easily customize it and that gets reflected in not only the Service Store but your Business Dashboard as well. 

This was one update that was most requested by our customers around the globe. 🌎

How does it help?

  • Global wordings across your Service Store and Dashboard provide extra customizability to your business.
  • Helps in internal team communication eliminating redundancy.
  • Gives you the ease of context.
  • Avoids confusion within the team or while onboarding a new team member.

How to set it up?

In your Omnify Dashboard, GO TO Settings> General Settings (Under Business Settings)> Global Wordings> Rename CLASSES to SESSIONS or ‘Your Preferred Term’

Your Dashboard is the place where you spend most of your working hours, this new update is to only help you optimize those hours to the best of your business. More power to you!

With Love,

Team Omnify. 💚

Omnify's new feature- Change Wordings on Dashboard allows businesses to rename store wordings in both Service Store and Dashboard for extra customizability.

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