Did you know about these new auto-email features?

Email is the backbone of any business communication, and I am sure it is for yours too. Our team at Omnify decided to step up the email game for you! In a nutshell, we are making Omnify better suited for your business, so you can form long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Send Branded Emails

With every auto-email that is sent, your clients will now see your business logo on top. This is a simple, yet highly effective feature that will ensure greater visibility and retention! Enhance brand reinforcement with your business logo at every step of the way.

Greater Customization of Emails

Make your emails uniquely yours! Our new feature update allows you to add hyperlinks to your text and attach images to your emails sent to your class attendees. You will find the ‘Hyperlink’ and ‘Attach Image’ options in your summernote email editor. Watch the video to know how!

Keep Trainers in the Loop

Since trainers are ultimately the ones interacting with your class, you need to make sure that they are kept up to date with bookings, cancellations, and everything related to your clients. Our latest update allows trainers to receive email notifications about their class and clients 24 hours ahead of time. 


How’s that for better emails? Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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