Disable Clients from Accessing Services

Every business caters to a diverse clientele. Therefore, it needs an effective client  management system to efficiently handle the requests and needs of its client base. A few things to look for while managing clients are their access to your services, and schedules. 

But what about those few client accounts that have been inactive for quite a while? What about clients that have made policy violations? How about decluttering your database from these dormant and dubious accounts so you get more time for your loyal customers? Wishful thinking? 

With our new Product Update, you will be able to Disable and Re-enable a Client Account from your Omnify Dashboard. You will be able to block clients from making bookings or accessing memberships. 

Before you proceed-

  • This feature can help in case of business policy violations.
  • A client that has not made a booking in 30 days is marked as ‘inactive’ by default. This feature helps to disable clients who have been inactive, or had a considerable amount of ‘no-shows’, etc.. 

How does it help?

  • Businesses can now suspend temporarily/disable clients from logging in or making a booking. 
  • In case of blacklisted users who are already logged in to the system, they get logged out automatically.

Step-wise process

If you have identified a client who has been inactive for a while, or has violated any business policies, etc. follow these steps to disable them : 

Step 1 : Go to your Omnify Dashboard. Navigate to Clients > All Clients from the side panel.

Step 2 : Search for that particular client in the Clients table.

Step 3 : Go to the Client’s Profile > Manage Client.

Step 4 : Click on Disable Client and confirm.

What Happens Next?

The client in question is now disabled and cannot access his/her profile or make any further bookings. 

If the disabled client is already Logged in to Service Store and if they tries to make a booking of any service, the following modal will pop-up

And when a logged out customer tries to log in to their Service store account the account disabled information in a modal will pop-up.

Important Note:

Disabled client accounts can subsequently be re-enabled should the need arise.

With Love,

Team Omnify 💚

Omnify feature allows businesses to prevent unauthorized access during maintenance, block selected clients from making bookings, access memberships.


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