Introducing New and Improved Personalization Options!

A new update to our New Service store - Personalization! We are sunsetting our older wordings and launching a centralized page where you can personalize wordings for your website. This feature helps you to impart a personal touch to your website. 

For instance, 

If you're running a kid’s daycare business, the generic "Create an Account" might not resonate as strongly as "Create your Child’s Account." 

Similarly, you can now personalize "Classes" into "Courses", "Clients" into "Parents", "Message Us" into "Write to Us," and much more.

With this feature available in our New Service Store, you can establish a deeper connection with your clients by using language that speaks directly to them.  

What’s New? 

🖥️Centralized page for Personalization- Single page where you can set up your website wordings wherever needed! 

🧩Personalize service store, emails, and dashboard- Personalize your wordings on service store, emails and dashboard.

How it Works? 

  • Under Business settings, fish out “Personalization,” which opens up a page where you can customize your business wordings. 

You can apply changes to your -

  1. Service Store, Emails, and Dashboard
  2. Service Store and emails only 
  • After specifying your required configuration, go ahead and customize the terms for your business and Setup singular and plural wordings. 
  • You can set up additional personalization that should reflect on your service store, too.
  • Once you click on “Reset To Default” on the right end of the personalization page, every term will go back to the default settings provided. 

In a nutshell, Our primary aim with this feature is to offer businesses the flexibility that helps them to stand out from others. So, start giving a distinctive flair to your business with personalized wordings!

Switch to our New Service Store to explore this exciting feature!

Discover improved business Personalization options with our new Update! - Personalize your website with our brand New Service Store

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