Member Benefits V2 - Differential Pricing for Your Members

Last year, we introduced Member Benefits, using which businesses could give exclusive access of services to their members, or set up a Members Only business model, where only the closed group of members enjoy services with the business.

And now, we’ve added a new weapon in the Member Benefits arsenal - Differential Pricing for Members! 

Let’s say that you run a beauty salon and take a lot of appointments using Omnify. With the new Member Benefits, you can now give out services to your salon members at a discounted rate than to the clients that do not purchase any membership with you! Your members get exclusive access and/or discounts to the services you offer. How convenient is that!

With Great Membership comes Great Discount

With this latest addition to Member Benefits, you can now create a Discount type of benefit, in which you can attach discounts that auto-apply at checkout.

People who purchase memberships with discount benefits enjoy services at a different price than the non-members. With Discount benefits, the businesses can now give exclusive pricing to their members!

Let’s see how you can set these up!

Creating a Discount Benefit

On your Omnify dashboard, you can navigate to Settings > Member Benefits > Create New Benefit to see the new creation form structure.

You’ll notice that before getting started, you need to make a selection for the Benefit Type, viz Access or Discount. 

Select Discount to see the form change up a bit. Scrolling down, you’ll see that as in the Access Benefit type earlier, you can name your benefit, add services of your choice to it, and link it to an existing membership. What’s new is that you can create and attach a discount to the benefit without having to create new discount codes! 

You get all the flexibility & power of the regular discounts that you create on the dashboard, viz you can set the discount value to be a percentage of the subtotal or a fixed value; you can add a minimum purchase value, or cap the max value of the discount; and set up redemption rules.

Note: The discounts that you create within a  Discount Benefit are NOT part of the regular discounts. They are exclusive in the sense that they can only be bundled with Member Benefits.

Improved Benefits Listing

When you reach the Member Benefits page, you’ll notice that we’ve made subtle changes to the benefits listing table too!

The Membership column of the list now has a status tag attached to it which tells you about the current status of the membership, viz Active, Disabled, or Deleted. This saves you the trip to the Memberships listing page to check if you’ve disabled or deleted any.

The Type column shows the type of benefit attached to the membership, viz Access or Discount type.

The Benefit column now shows the name that you’ve given to the benefit, & the benefit itself. 

Things to Note

The best part about the Discount Benefit type is that you can link multiple discount benefits to the same membership!

E.g. 20% OFF on 10 classes & 40% OFF on 2 events when you buy the Gold Membership.

To create a multi-discount benefit, you just have to create a new discount benefit and link it to the same discount benefit membership.

To really kick it up a notch, you can also attach discount benefits to an access benefit membership! In other words, a single membership can be linked to an Access Benefit AND to multiple Discount Benefits! 

NOTE: You can link a membership to only ONE access benefit, but the same membership can be linked to multiple discount benefits. 

Since there is no expiration date of the discount in the discount benefit, the discount benefit expires when the membership linked to it expires, or when the redemption rules have been exhausted, if any.


We’ve put in great work to create a very flexible workflow around Differential Pricing for Members. We would love for you to try out this new feature, and take full advantage of it to provide exclusive benefits to your members!

With love,

Team Omnify

Omnify's Member Benefits V2- Differential Pricing for Members so clients with memberships get exclusive discount benefits while using your services.

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