New Addition to Booking Restriction - Conflict Management! 

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your booking management experience, we're introducing a valuable addition to our booking restriction feature: Conflict Management!

While you’re running a service-based business, ensuring fairness in the booking process is paramount. While our previous booking restrictions help to set limits on bookings per client, our new Conflict Management feature prevents double bookings. It alerts your clients when they attempt to make bookings with overlapping time slots, ensuring a seamless booking experience. This feature is applicable across classes, class packs, appointments and events. 

For instance, if one of your clients has booked an appointment for tomorrow 6 am to 7 am, then you can either block them from booking another service within the same time slot or display them a warning message before they can proceed with their booking. 

Now, let’s delve deeper into this interesting feature- 

How it Works?

  • Go to Settings and select “Booking Restrictions” 
  • It’ll open up a page where you can set Booking Restrictions and Conflict Management. 

Conflict Management

  • Scroll down the “Booking Restrictions” page, and you’ll find an option called “Manage Booking Conflicts” 
  • If you  choose “Do not permit overlapping Schedule bookings,” it  will not allow your clients to book services under same timings. 
  • If you choose “Allow them to book for overlapping Schedules but display a warning message,” it’ll allow your clients to book anyway, however, will display a warning message. 
  • Choose whichever services you want to enable this option. 
  • Save and proceed. 

This feature is built to avoid double bookings and ensure fair and equitable booking options for all your clients. 

Login and explore this feature now! 

Discover our new addition to booking restriction! Time-based conflict management that effectively prevents double bookings.

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