New Addition to Waitlists! 

As a business owner, you've likely encountered the scenario where your classes are fully booked, leaving eager clients in a queue awaiting an open spot. In such instances, efficient client management relies on the use of waitlists, ensuring a fair and organized booking process for your services.

The detailed view of waitlist data also helps businesses to understand client demand and create services that could be appropriate for the target audience. This feature is available for Classes, Class Packs, Event, and Facilities, making it convenient for businesses to use our platform!

Let’s see how this feature can be of help to your business- 

 🔍Filter View your waitlists - Filter view your clients based on service type and service name - Organized Control! 

 💻Waitlists in Dashboard - Easily accessible as this is accessible directly in your dashboard - Accessibility matters!

➕Waitlist for Class Packs - We have now extended this waitlist options to our Class Packs too - Now enable waitlists to all your services.

 🧑‍💻View details about waitlisted clients - Access details about the clients who’ve been added to the waitlist as a database - Data is Power!

 📧Send emails when a slot opens - When a client cancels a class or the attendee doesn’t check in even after the check-in window closes and sends auto emails to the waitlisted clients, Communicate easily! 

How it Works? 

For a service where all the spots are filled up, your clients can add themselves to waitlists directly from the service store- 

Businesses can access the list of waitlists for each service from the dashboard. 

  • In your dashboard, locate “Waitlists.” 
  • Click “Waitlists” to get detailed data on your waitlisted clients.
  • Filter view the data based on types of services and Service Name. 
  • In the table, you can see details such as Service start date, User email, Service name for classes, events, and facilities and Date & time, Name, User email, and Service name for classpacks and memberships. 

Whenever a client cancels their bookings or hasn’t checked in even after the check-in window is closed, that particular slot opens up, and emails are sent automatically to the waitlisted clients. 

This feature is released to make waitlist management easier and more efficient. A detailed view of people who’ve joined the waitlist will give you an idea about the actions needed to be carried out for that particular service. 

Login and explore this feature! 

Omnify has now added Class Packs to Waitlists! Efficiently manage your client bookings with our Waitlists.

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