Happy Monday 🎉  We rolled out some new features that are designed to help you with your operations & management.

So, here's what's new:

Booking Restrictions for same-day bookings.

We have added a feature to enable booking restrictions for Classes. The feature is built to give you the flexibility of restricting an attendee to book not more than one class in a single day. 

[How it works] 

NOTE: We are working on adding more flexibility to this feature where you will be able to choose custom restrictions per day and week. This will be available soon 🤞.

Daily Attendee List- Downloadable.

This feature is just fresh out of the oven ♨️. You can now go to your Class Calendar and download the daily attendee list for your selected classes or all classes. 

[How it works] 

Enabling Members only Booking [Beta]

If you are using Membership Management, you can now make your bookings exclusive for your members. You can un-publish the Memberships from your Service Store/Reservation site so that only no one will be able to purchase the memberships themselves. 

This feature will help you restrict non-members to purchase memberships by themselves.

[How it works] 

New flow for Add Clients feature & ability to Resend Welcome Emails

Y-E-S. This is our favorite feature 💌

From now on, when you add a client from the Dashboard, they will get a Welcome Email with their username and password along with a link to your reservation site. 

In case they have missed the Welcome Email or you had disabled it while adding them, you can resend it again from the Dashboard. This removes a lot of friction some of your clients were facing.  

[How it works] 

We also made a few Fixes ⭐️

  • Class schedule fix: Some of you had encountered an issue around schedules not appearing on the Service Store/Reservation site and Calendar when the booking window was set to one day or two days. This issue has been fixed now.
  • Email deliverability fix: We had some strict validations around emails that were added to the system. So the Amazon SES was automatically blocking the emails that had a high spam rating. We have relaxed some restrictions around it. 
  • Check-in’s: We had earlier encountered a unique issue where some of our customers were not able to check-in attendees from Calendar. This issue is also fixed now. 

Give these features a spin and let us know your feedback. 

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We are also hosting a Webinar Tomorrow, 2nd June 2020 at 11 AM EST. You can register here.

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