New in Data Center- Exports is here!

In most software we use, one common problem we face is around exports. Either they are not easily discoverable, or the exports are not properly structured. We ourselves had faced this challenge at Omnify. We had 76 requests on our request board asking for just this feature. And we are so glad to start 2024 (our year of new features) with a new addition to our Data Center- Exports!

Analyzing data is the most effective way to comprehend your business performance-  you can understand your revenue, bookings, client insights, and so much more. Now, with this release, our exports are much more powerful with structured columns, the addition of custom fields, and more. You can also use filters to export filtered data- giving you the flexibility of having the information you want.

Earlier,  our customers had to navigate to different pages to export required data. Now, with this new launch, we've centralized all exports onto one accessible page, providing a unified solution for exporting your business data with greater flexibility and control.

We are currently supporting exports around Sales, Bookings, Subscriptions, Clients, Check-ins, Walk-ins, and Attendees (for every schedule). We are adding more exports in the coming few months.

How does it Work?

Comprehensive Reports Page

To access your data, click “Data Center” on the left side panel of the Omnify dashboard to view the exports page. 

Access a variety of data directly from the dashboard. Here you will find-

  • Specific date range and filter views to export desired reports 


  • Sales Report: Download transaction history
  • Bookings Report: Retrieve your booking history
  • Subscriptions Report: Access your Class Pack and Membership History
  • Clients Report: Download extensive data of each and every client. 
  • Check-ins Report: Keep track of present and absent attendees. 
  • Walk-ins Report: Download the history of individuals who attended without a prior booking.

Upcoming Reports

Along with these, we’re actively working on additional reports for waitlists, attendees, discounts, trainers, and Services, which will be out soon!


If businesses want to import their data, it’s possible with Omnify, too. From the “Imports” tab, 

  • Download the provided template, fill in client details, and map them accordingly. 
  • Invite clients to log in to their dashboard. They can start by sending them welcome emails! 

Data Export

Download the selected exports in XLSX or CSV format directly from the exports tab. You can also view the extensive details about the requested report. 

We believe this feature set will significantly benefit businesses by providing easy access and efficient management of crucial business data. This aligns with our commitment to delivering user-friendly solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for our users. 

Log in to try it out!  

New in Data Centre- Exports in here New in Data Centre- Exports in here New in Data Centre- Exports in hereNew in Data Centre- Exports in here

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