💫 New in Facility Scheduling: Multiple & Recurring Slot Bookings

Last Quarter, we released 30+ upgrades to improve every aspect of the Omnify platform. Today, we are launching the biggest upgrade to our Facility Scheduling feature including:

  • Multiple Slot Booking – Let your clients select and book multiple slots across days, weeks, and months.
  • Recurring Slots Booking – Let your clients select and book recurring slots across days, weeks, and months.
  • Multiple & Recurring Slots Booking across facilities  – The most comprehensive feature which allows multiple and recurring slot bookings across different facilities in a category.

The way people make bookings has changed forever- and that’s true for sports facilities & other amenities. That’s why we’re making facility scheduling more powerful than ever. With our newest update, you can improve your revenue and retention by enabling your clients to book multiple and recurring slots for the future.

First, people are more likely to book more than one slot on the same day, across days, weeks, and even months. Second, people are taking up sports on a regular basis, so we added a recurring bookings feature, giving your clients the ease to book weeks or months slots in advance. Third, they can do multiple slot bookings across different facilities under a category!

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Multiple Slot Bookings

People are now more flexible about booking on the web or their phone - they search for their facility and dates, and if available they make a booking. That’s why we’re introducing multiple slot bookings across days, weeks, and months- making it easier for your clients to book and block their favorite slots well in advance. As they book one slot, the bottom bar automatically shows them that they’ve selected one slot which in turn prompts them to select multiple at one go. 

What does it mean for you? This enables you to increase your revenue by many folds, helps you with filling up your slots, and most importantly gives you a unique advantage where you provide your loyal clients with a superior booking experience. 

Recurring Slot Bookings

When we launched the recurring booking feature, one of our users in Canada booked $10,000 in CAD in just one day. We were amazed at the value created by the recurring slot bookings feature launch.

That’s why we have opened it up to you, a feature that enables people to book recurring slots over days, weeks, and months. The recurrences can be chosen with our default settings and also we have a custom setting where they can set different recurrences for different slots. For example, your clients can say book your court every Monday 6 AM-7 AM or book a pool every Weekend 7 AM-8 AM and Weekdays 6 AM-7 AM. 

To enable the recurrence feature, make sure you enable it under the facility category.

Slot Bookings across different Facilities

Now, is the update that we are most excited about. Our engineering team really pushed the envelope and created the WoW feature.

Now, people can book slots across different facilities and across days, weeks, and months— also recurring slots. We created multiple facility bookings, an innovative feature that helps you take bookings across different facilities with ease. For example, a client is looking for a court to book at 9 AM on Weekdays. With this feature, say if Court no. 1 on a Monday is booked however Court no. 2 is available. With our interface and this feature, people can book Court No. 2 for every Monday and Court No. 1 for rest of the days!

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Revolutionize Facility Scheduling with Omnify: Multiple & Recurring Slot Bookings Across Facilities for higher revenues & improved client retention.


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