The Omnify Go 2023 Spring Release: Introducing an All-new Omnify Go to manage your Business.

 Unlock the full potential of Omnify with our new and improved mobile app, offering enhanced functionalities and seamless navigation for quick access to features. 

We at Omnify are very excited to share with you the biggest updates made ever to Omnify GO. In the last 3 months, we have made more than 5+ upgrades to Omnify Go.

We have made significant changes to Omnify Go this quarter that will help you manage your business in an efficient manner on the GO- 

Here are the top highlights. Have a look! 

  • Easy One-Step Login
  • Ability to view your schedules and client booking details on the App
  • Ability to make instant bookings for your clients with active Classpacks. 

Faster Login

We've now added two options for accessing your Omnify account when logging in. The first option is through Google’s SSO login which is both secure and easy to use. The second option is to use a magic link sent to your email. With the magic link, you only need to go through a simple one-step verification process before gaining access to your account.

Your Schedules, Clients & Bookings  

Experience the power of Omnify GO as it empowers you to effortlessly access and view your schedules and client information directly from the app. Stay organized and informed with a comprehensive overview, all in one convenient place for efficient management and improved productivity.

Stay connected and manage client communication seamlessly with the latest update of our app, which enables you to effortlessly call, message, and email your clients directly from within the app. Enjoy the convenience of having all client communication tools at your fingertips, enhancing efficiency and fostering stronger client relationships.

Book & Check-In (Mobile Only feature)

With this new feature, classpack credit value is maximized, and you can simply add bookings in a few taps on your phone, even if it is done on a later date. 

You can now make bookings and check in clients directly into the class, even if they haven't purchased that specific class. This would only be possible if-

  1. Client has an active classpack
  2. Classpack with Valid credits
  3. Class linked with the classpack

If they have the above-mentioned, in this case, you would be able to make a booking for them directly from the app. You would also get an option to check them into the class at the same time. This feature gives you greater flexibility in managing your clients' attendance and provides a seamless experience for everyone.

A detailed use case for us to understand the feature-  If there is a Classpack that includes Class A and Class B. Both take place on the same day, but at different times. With the previous flow, if the parent had already registered for Class A, they would need to first cancel the existing booking and then book Class B from the client profile. 

Or, the admin would need to do it for them. If the customer simply arrived for Class B without a booking, they would need to first be booked manually on location and only then would the check-in feature work. 

The new update skips all these steps and simplifies the end-user flow to only booking a classpack. They can attend Class A or B as many times as the classpack allows and based on their availability, while the admin simply needs to check them in as they arrive. 

You also have the option to check in all your clients directly from the app, eliminating the need for additional tools or manual processes. Keep track of all attendees effortlessly with a check-ins feature.

Create Services & Memberships

With this latest update, you now have the option to create all your services directly from the app. With this new update, you now have the option to create all your services directly from the app. You now have the ability to create or edit your services on the GO.
The membership management features give you the option to create memberships and set up the member benefits directly from the app. 

Additional Enhancements

  1. Improved search functionality on the schedules page: Finding the right information has never been easier. We have enhanced the search functionality on the schedules page, allowing you to effortlessly search for your attendees. 
  2. Pull down or double-tap to refresh: You can now simply pull down your screen to refresh the list or double-tap on the bottom menu to instantly refresh the page on all main screens. This will help you to check real-time changes to your bookings, schedules and other updates.
  3. Faster app performance: We understand the importance of a seamless user experience, and we've worked hard to optimize our app's performance. You'll now be able to access the app and its features within a few seconds of launching. 

Experience All-New Omnify Go 2023 Mobile App with faster login, improved accessibility, enhanced features to boost scheduling, client bookings, & more

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