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7 Membership Management Trends to Help Your Organization Grow

In the ever-evolving landscape of today's business world, adaptability is key. As the pace of change quickens, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to efficiently manage their members and drive growth. 

Embracing the digital era is not just a trend; it's a necessity for staying ahead of the game. The latest membership management trends are transforming conventional strategies, offering unique opportunities to enhance customer engagement and boost member satisfaction. 

Technological advancements have expanded the horizons of membership management, providing a wealth of tools beyond traditional approaches. Whether you're steering a small non-profit, a local business, or a large organization, these trends have the potential to make a significant impact on your journey toward growth. 

To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, it's crucial to stay informed about the emerging trends in membership management. This article delves into the latest developments, offering insights that will empower your organization to thrive in an era of continuous change. 

Importance of Staying Updated with Trends!

In a very short one-line, trends for any industry or organization are important to keep meeting the changing preferences of its members. Or else, how do you aim to stay relevant? Trends add a competitive edge to your otherwise normal day-to-day programs and operations, which not only adds excitement to your member experience front but also gives your business a push, unlike the rest. 

Trends also drive innovation by using new ideas and approaches. 

Imagine your local Swim and Tennis Club introducing a brand-new mobile app exclusively for members. It makes booking courts or lanes a breeze – no more phone tag or waiting in line. Your members get personalized notifications about upcoming events or sweet deals that are personalized just for them. Digital adoption of QR code access also lets your club members forget fumbling for their membership card – their phone's their ticket in! But it doesn't stop there – members can track their progress, share tips with pals, and even get virtual coaching sessions. By diving into these cool tech features, your Swim and Tennis Club isn't just keeping up – it's making waves.

This is precisely what following trends and best practices do to your business! 

The following section tells you about the top trends around managing membership for your organization, which will always keep your club, rec center, gym, or sports facility one step ahead of your competitors and one step closer to success!

7 Membership Management Trends that Help Your Organization Grow-

  1. Trend #1: Personalization And Member Engagement
  2. Trend #2: Data-driven decision-making
  3. Trend #3: Automation and AI
  4. Trend #4: Mobile-friendly Platforms
  5. Trend #5: Community building and networking
  6. Trend #6: Flexibility in Memberships
  7. Trend #7: Cybersecurity and data privacy

Let’s take a closer look and get a sense of what these trends entail.

1. Trend #1: Personalization And Member Engagement

Memberships are about making your members feel special!

Giving members customized experiences can help boost engagement to a great level, leading to client satisfaction. Another advantage of providing personalized experiences is making your clients feel appreciated. 

Your goal as a member club should be to ensure that your members feel like they're part of an exclusive club. To achieve this, create special benefits that are unique to them. To make this strategy even more effective, segment your members based on their interests, needs, and chosen plans. Interact with them on a personal level.

In a 2023 survey by Statista, marketers worldwide highlighted the biggest challenges in implementing successful personalization plans. 43% cited managing budget and resources, while 37% noted managing client expectations as the main hurdles.

Personalization can come in many forms. It could mean recommending content or services based on their preferences, addressing them by name, or celebrating milestones like anniversaries. Make them feel valued beyond just being customers — create a deeper connection with your brand.

For a swim club that offers both gym and pool services, consider combining them into one membership package. Offer options like 'Gym+Pool' memberships or bundle multiple services together. Introduce a 'Parent+Kid' membership, ensuring parents can use the gym while their kids attend swim classes without waiting around. These membership options create a hassle-free experience for members, making them feel valued and inclined to refer friends. Imagine finishing a workout at the gym and then enjoying a refreshing swim in a clean pool — it's the perfect combination! Watch your membership renewal rates rise as members appreciate the convenience and benefits of these packages.

2. Trend #2: Data-driven decision-making

While running a business, one can’t explain enough the role data plays.  Data is essential for each and every business to make appropriate business decisions, let alone for a membership-based business. For membership-based businesses, data plays an important role in determining overall business direction. 

Using data analytics allows organizations to understand how members behave, what they prefer, and the trends they follow. This information helps associations and organizations make smart choices about membership options, marketing plans, and running facilities. It enables organizations to make informed decisions about membership offerings, marketing strategies, and facility operations, ultimately driving growth and retention. By analyzing data, organizations can tell how engaged their members are by watching their activities, like how often they interact online or at events. Involved members are more likely to renew their memberships, attend events, and be involved in more organizational activities.

Consider a fitness studio. By leveraging data analytics, the fitness studio can track how often members visit the gym, which classes they attend, and which equipment they use the most. This information helps the business admin understand member behavior and preferences. For example, if data analytics reveal that many members prefer attending high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes in the evening, the studio can schedule more HIIT classes during those times to meet demand. Additionally, if data shows that members consistently drop out of a particular class, the studio owner/admin can invest more in popular classes and popular trainers and enhance the member experience. Furthermore, data analytics can help identify trends in membership sign-ups and cancellations. If there's a particular time of year when sign-ups spike, the studio can focus primarily on marketing efforts during that period to capitalize on the trend.

Overall, using data analytics helps in informed decision-making. Any business can tailor its offerings, marketing strategies, and facility operations to meet the needs of its members better, leading to increased growth and retention.

3. Trend #3: Automation and AI

By reducing the amount of manual labor required and making tasks much more accessible, automation and AI have changed how businesses manage their memberships.

One of the top trends today is an effective booking system that is powerful enough and equipped with the capability to handle memberships in the best way possible. A system that boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless navigation and seamless onboarding for businesses and clients alike. It should offer flexibility in membership management and member benefits, allowing customization of discounts and perks to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, it should support diverse payment options to accommodate various payment modes securely. Furthermore, the system should be cost-effective, providing comprehensive features to meet the diverse needs of businesses while enhancing the overall user experience for clients.

A member management system for associations/recreational businesses help in easing daily operations

A Booking and Scheduling Platform for workflow automation and membership management can turn things around for the organization. 

Effective membership management like Omnify entails understanding your clients and their expectations, prioritizing exceptional member experiences, and delivering top-notch service quality. Achieving this is simplified with the right membership management platform. It's essential to ensure that your chosen platform aligns with your budget and provides all the features you require in a software solution.

Just like AI chatbots help improve efficiency by minimizing the manual labor of answering customer queries in any business and AI users experiencing positive benefits, with 79% of sales and customer service professionals reporting improved performance at work, Omnify catalyzes creating frictionless experiences for businesses and their members alike, marking a significant shift away from manual management practices.

Adding automation to membership management reduces the amount of manual labor required and enables greater accuracy, personalization, and proactive strategies that can increase member satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

4. Trend #4: Mobile-friendly Platforms

It has become increasingly crucial for membership management to be mobile-friendly for clients and employees, especially now that most digital interactions happen on phones. Doing so can create a better communication setup for the organization.

Thus, it increases the opportunity to reach a larger audience, like sending messages or promotions through mobile apps, which is more efficient.

How does a responsive mobile app help a membership-based organization? 

  • A mobile responsive platform could increase the usability of your organization or association. If you want more clients and members to flow in, you should make sure that you offer a super accessible platform for them to use. 
  • A mobile app proves invaluable in simplifying various aspects of business management. It offers a seamless dashboard accessible across devices, enabling smooth transitions between schedules, bookings, and check-ins while ensuring continuity of data across phones, computers, and tablets. 
  • Mobile apps are the most convenient ways to improve member experience. The ease of usability of mobile apps always puts them on the top. users can effectively manage bookings from any location, maximizing productivity with the convenience of mobile devices. 
  • Business owners and admins are empowered to efficiently operate their businesses directly from their handheld devices. Additionally, personalized communication features like in-app calling and messaging facilitate seamless client engagement, ensuring timely and effective interactions.

5. Trend #5: Community building and networking

The community is vital for any business to improve member engagement. A community's sense of belonging, shared purpose, and interpersonal connections can significantly affect a member's choice to stay involved and invite others to join.

Community building: The modern way

There are different techniques or platforms where modern community building can happen, such as

Online Forums

Forums allow people to talk about exciting things, ask questions, and share their knowledge. The constant sharing of ideas can build community and a sense of shared understanding.

Social Media Groups

Social media sites let users comment, like, share, and interact with content immediately. Members may feel more connected to the community because of how quickly things happen. Apart from this, social media helps bring together interested individuals on a single platform, which helps businesses draw in on a targeted marketing approach. 


Events like webinars can increase engagement and bring members together in a way where they can participate in brainstorming or sharing what they learn regarding the webinar topic they are on. 

6. Trend #6: Flexibility in Memberships

When you structure a membership program for your business, make sure that it’s accessible to a wide range of audiences. For this to happen, structure differential pricing- You can set up quarterly, half-yearly, and annual membership programs. 

Provide rewards and incentives to your loyal customers and allow our users to choose one. You can even conduct exclusive workshops and events for your members. This creates an emotional connection with your business. Needless to say, when consumers connect with a product emotionally, these products gain a high level of brand advocacy, which is a priceless marketing asset.

Improving flexibility while creating a membership program gives your clients a feeling of inclusivity, which adds significant value to your business. 

7. Trend #7: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity and data privacy have become very important as membership management moves more and more to digital platforms. Taking care of member information, primarily private and sensitive financial and personal data, comes with many responsibilities and risks.

Legal and technical requirements aside, keeping member data safe is also crucial for building trust and a good relationship between an organization and its members. In this digital age, where privacy issues and data breaches are common, keeping member data private and safe is very important.

Best practices to ensure security and privacy:

It is very important for a business to ensure that member data is safe and private. Organizations must take multiple approaches to protect data and build trust among members.

Here are some best practices to ensure security and privacy among the members:

Data Minimization

Obtain only the details needed for the service or business to function. Hackers are less likely to get in if there is less data.


Verify and encrypt data while it is being sent and stored. The encryption algorithms should also be robust. 

Regular Security Audits

Plan for regular vulnerability and security assessments. This can make it easier to find and fix possible weak spots before they can be used against you.

Access Control

Control who can see private information. Based on job duties, only people who need to see specific data can be given roles and permissions.

Multi-factor Authentication

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when accessing sensitive data or administrative controls. This is an extra layer of security on top of the password. 


The latest membership management trends offer unique opportunities to enhance customer engagement and boost member satisfaction. Technological advancements provide a wealth of tools beyond traditional approaches, benefiting organizations of all sizes. Staying updated with trends is vital for meeting changing preferences and remaining relevant in the industry. Trends drive innovation and add a competitive edge to business operations. 

Not every organization can apply all of these trends at once, but following at least a handful of them could be a good start. 

In summary, effective membership management hinges on understanding your clients and their expectations, prioritizing exceptional member experiences, and delivering top-quality service. Utilizing the right membership management platform simplifies this process. It's essential to choose a platform that aligns with your budget and fulfills all your software solution needs. Omnify offers an automated solution to streamline administrative operations. Take advantage of our 7-day free trial to experience firsthand what Omnify has to offer.

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