Advantages of working out at the Gym

It is a given that exercise is core to physical fitness and mental well-being. It is about one's personal choice to decide where to work-out though. Many prefer working out within the comfort of their homes, while others like to go jogging in the park, yet others love to train at the gyms. Every type has its own advantages sure; but places that are dedicated solely to the service of community fitness echoes a different wavelength altogether. In a normal circumstance, people would certainly vote for brick-and-mortar gyms and studios any day which has in fact made the fitness industry’s worth close to a $100 billion versus home gyms or digital workouts had it not been for the Pandemic. 

This is simply because there are just way too many advantages of working out at the gyms. Let’s find out-

Wider Array of Exercise Equipment: This is the number one reason why people go to the gyms. Gyms give you endless options of state-of-the-art equipment to workout with. Different equipment focus on different kinds of fitness goals. So whatever equipment your body-type needs you will have precisely that staring right back at you! Many prefer to set up a home gym which is great but mostly at the max there would be a few dumbbells, a skipping rope or an exercise bike. Gyms are equipped with huge and expensive exercise machinery like treadmills, functional trainers, different kinds of resistance machines, cable crossover machines and many more. And even if your pockets could afford, these equipment take up a lot of space and are not feasible to install in most households.

Professional training: Fitness trainers play a huge part in accomplishing members’ fitness goals of shedding extra pounds, get lean or get healthy. Professional trainers teach how to correctly train with equipment, create tailor-made programs designed to fit each body type or fitness level as no ‘one exercise fits all’. 

Most gyms also provide different kinds of fitness classes that involve group exercises, pilates, zumba, boot camp workouts, yoga etc that pumps up energy in diverse ways. Fitness trainers can digitally reach your homes too, but many active gym goers agree that they miss the human connect.

Mirror-Muscle Training: In relation to space constraints in a home gym set-up, the ‘mirrors’ factor in a gym is a big deal for rigorous muscle trainers and not just for narcissistic Instagram posts which is also cool. However, gyms and studios place full-body and colossal mirrors which is actually important for muscle training, stretching and lifting. Focusing on your reflection as those muscles contract and relax helps one to concentrate on those biceps, triceps, quadriceps, deltoids or lats and help in its rapid growth and how you exactly want it and where! 

Ambience: Gyms provide just the right feel to workout with a lot of motivation and pumped-up music all around and zero distraction. No more your toddler coming in, guests visiting or the smell of bacon from the kitchen to keep you distracted while sweating it out. Because the environment is so energetic and positive inside a studio that there’s no room for boredom- keeping members driven, focused and throughout motivated!

Lifestyle choice: Going to the gyms has transformed the lifestyles of many. It is more than just a strict daily fitness routine. It makes one feel more fit, more active and all the more excited to reach other important goals in life. Even setting up a home gym has evolved from the idea of going to the ‘Gym’ because maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a personality trait. 

Gyms provide many experiences that people otherwise struggle to find at home. As gyms are reopening in the US amidst Covid-19 concerns, the priority for gym owners remains in reopening safely and responsibly.

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