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Kabandi Saikia

Concerned about hosting in-person sessions? Here’s how Omnify can help 🤚

Amidst concerns about Coronavirus (CoV) outbreak, we would like to share how Omnify’s online scheduling capabilities can help you keep your business running without any breaks.

As entrepreneurs, we are used to innovating and we would love to share how the Omnify clients are adapting a swift shift from offline to online. At Omnify, our support teams are seeing a surge of requests to enable clients to set-up online sessions and thought we will make it easy for everyone with a guided post about it.

Schedule your online classes with Omnify

Hosting Classes, Appointments & Group Sessions:

Live Streaming classes have become popular in recent times as it gives your customers the flexibility of attending them from the comfort of their homes. If you are worried about hosting face-to-face classes, you can consider using Omnify’s online classes and appointments functionality. Here we talk about a couple of integrations with our favorite online meeting platforms, and it’s super convenient to set-up.

Omnify can help you manage this without having to change how your business functions.

  • Check-in your clients and track attendance.
  • Collect payments/fees from your clients online
  • Manage your team scheduling from the dashboard.
  • Send welcome emails, reminders, follow-up emails to your attendees.
  • Export data around your clients, sales, and more.

Omnify + Zoom

With Omnify + Zoom integration, live streaming and having interactive classes becomes really simple. Zoom’s video conferencing platform lets you conduct online sessions with up to 100 interactive video participants.

While creating a class like you would normally, choose to host it online by adding a Zoom meeting link on the locations section of your class creation page. Create an online meeting link for 1 on 1 or group sessions via Zoom. When your clients make a booking they receive a booking confirmation email with a link to join the video conference. 

Liu Xiaojin, the founder of Beijing gym chain Gravity Plus, said they launched online classes a few days ago and began renting out gym equipment to generate extra cash (as reported here)

Omnify + Google Meet

With Omnify + Google Meet integration, we make it easier for you and your business to be able to function smoothly. You can get your clients to participate in virtual sessions with up to 200+ people and live streams with up to 100,000 viewers.

All you need to do is add the URL of Google Meet in the locations field. When your clients make a booking they receive a booking confirmation email with a link to join the video conference. It’s super convenient!

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David Hastings says “Omnify has made hosting online classes easy for me. It gives me the flexibility of hosting classes from wherever I am- even when I am traveling”

Would you like to try how you can use Omnify’s Booking and Customer Engagement Platform to empower your business to offer online classes and sessions?  Sign-up for a Free Trial or Schedule a Demo to know more.

Happy Hosting!


Omnify integrates with Video Conferencing tools to help businesses run online classes, sessions & events through Livestreams, & Interactive Sessions.

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