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Kabandi Saikia

Inside Tamara’s 3x Growth Story

We’re here today to share with you a customer success story.

By using Omnify, Tamara was able to grow her business substantially in as little as 7 months. Let me explain…

Tamara started using our platform when she had a client base of just 50 customers and 1 additional instructor. She used Omnify to host sessions at her community park.

Being a solopreneur, she did every task of her business. From attending endless client calls every day -  while trying to find the right time to schedule a session - to juggling and managing bookings on sheets, as well as searching through spreadsheets and trying to keep track of everything. Something had to change.

Within a few months of using Omnify, Tamara’s bookings increased resulting in a 3X increase in sales, and more than 241 clients! You can take a look at the results yourself:

‍(Client Growth - 7 months)
‍(Revenue Growth - 7 months)

With all that taken care of, Tamara is now growing her team to 10 more instructors. With more time in hand and growing revenue, she is all set to give her clients the best experience.

While they have grown her team from 2-6 in 6 months, it appears that there are 4 keys to Tamara’s viral growth strategy.

Strong WOM:

Word of Mouth can really amplify growth in terms of client numbers. Tamara had 1 trainer and they both focussed on giving the best experience to their clients. The regular clients spread the word and that helped her grow exponentially

Online Bookings:

Online bookings was a must have as she could put her business on auto-pilot and focus on bettering the client experience. As Tamara’s Business grew, like everyone else, she had the same question- how do I get paid?

She was selling products through Shopify but she was struggling to find a solution which would help her sell her services and provide more than just scheduling.

That included having a beautiful store and a UX friendly booking system that works both on Web and Mobile. Omnify proved to be perfect for her!

‍(Booking done in just 30 seconds)

Promotions & Offers:

Referrals plays a big part in Tamara’s small business. She makes sure, she incentivises every referrer. For every new client, Tamara provides 10% discount on sessions or sometimes a free pass to one of her events. She creates a Discount for every client who is willing to refer a client during their registration. This is done from the Omnify Dashboard. Once a new clients makes a booking, the new clients gets a 10% off automatically and Tamara incentivises the referrer with different offers.

‍(Omnify Dashboard- Discounts)

Local Community:

Tamara does a lot of open houses. And it works as a channel for new client acquisition. She hosts 1-2 open houses every month. Once someone registers for an Open House, Tamara moves them to a list called ‘Open House’ in MailerLite (via Zapier) and targets them through emails that Omnify captures.

Free Trials and Private Sessions:

Many of her  clients have been hesitant to try out a new practice just because they were not sure if they would like it or not.

o of course, Tamara executed this free trial hack flawlessly. She offers the first session FREE and has their free session set up in a way that the clients actually feel like they have accomplished something of value- by offering a consultation, how to create habit building practices etc.

‍(Tamara’s Open House Screenshot- Omnify Service Store)

Tamara was hesitant on doing Private Sessions but today, this idea that originally came from leveraging off-peak and her ideal time has grown into her highest revenue grossing practice that gets her thousands of dollars every month, proving that this is just the push many people need to get started healthy.


When it comes to standing out and being memorable, it’s the little things that count. Start your FREE Trial with Omnify today and skyrocket your business by giving your clients the best experience.



Omnify Customer Success Story- Inside Tamara's crazy exponential growth story where she grew her client base from 50 customers to 271 in just 7 months.

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