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Sukanya Kakoty

Say Hello to an all new Omnify 👋

In 2020, approximately 800k unique users used Omnify to make reservations- up by 9.8X from 2019. A staggering 2.5 million bookings were made last year. 

We are committed more than ever this year to empower our users and make our product simpler, reliable, and delightful to use than before.

800k unique users made bookings using Omnify in 2020 — up by 9.8x from 2019

We’ve been heads-down working on our new branding these past few months — and we’re excited to start rolling out the new look today:

Introducing the new Omnify 🎉: 

We have a brand new look- while keeping the essence of Omnify intact. Change is inevitable and stagnancy is scary. So we finally took the plunge and went to the drawing board to design our new brand. Our new logo is clean and it reflects our vision as a company. 

With our customers at the center and the dots reflecting our vision to empower SMBs with an omni-channel approach.

Over the next few days we will be changing our website design to reflect the changes. But, at the core we are still the same- empowering SMBs across the globe to #GrowWithOmnify.

Let us know what you think about our new update. Drop us a line at 💚


Team Omnify


We’re excited to share an all-new Omnify to help you and accept bookings and reservations more effectively.

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