How a college Professor became a Life coach using Omnify

Karmic coaching class is a unique company, which trains and coaches individuals by executing the latest strategies in the fields of psychology, personal development, and applied neuroscience. They have 100+ clients at present. The integration of astrology and intuitive teaching makes them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

Goal: To help clients get unstuck and live happier lives by releasing limiting beliefs and exploring their unique life’s purpose.

Deb Peretz’s story:

As a college professor, Deb takes a keen interest in the literature of learning, cognitive development, and intuitive techniques. Intuition is a natural ability residing in less developed areas of our brain. She is a Martha Beck certified life coach who has developed her coaching system integrating astrology.

The Challenge:

Being a solo entrepreneur, they needed an automated system that will reduce their overhead expenses and the time-consuming process of scheduling and booking the classes. So Karmic needs to simplify this process so that the customers to make it more efficient and interactive for the customers.

How Omnify contributed to this endeavor:

Omnify allows the customers to see, book, and make the payments all through a single platform. Deb can directly monitor all the bookings and cancellations made for the classes through the website or the Go Omnify app.The dashboard gives live sales and revenue evaluations which adds value to the services provided by the company.

Customer Review:

“I started my coaching practice from scratch and have been slowly building it

up. Omnify has been there from the beginning with a reliable and professional

way for customers to schedule and pay for coaching services.”-Deb Peretz.

Discover the journey of a college professor turned life coach, powered by Omnify. This case study shows the possibilities offered for entrepreneurs.

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