How Jump Beyond Optimized Sports Facility Management with Omnify

After the last couple of years that saw us retreat indoors to tackle the pandemic, the outdoors are beginning to look more attractive again. In urban areas, the outdoors can play a particularly crucial role in binding the community together. 

Whether it’s the rising energy of your local sports leagues and tournaments or simply the joy of getting some time out in the sun, outdoor recreation only adds to your wellbeing and therefore, your quality of life.

This is what motivates the owners of Jump Beyond Sports - a multi-sport facility with basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts available for rent. Established in July this year in the South Bay city of Florence in California, the facility has been well received by their local sports and youth communities.

“Right now, we have a basketball academy every morning from eight to 12 renting our facilities. Later, in the afternoons, we have several recognized teams that rent the facilities for practice and on weekends they host tournaments.” 

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

The quest for foundational efficiency

With just a couple of months in operation, the founders of Jump Beyond are now working on establishing themselves firmly within their community. The first thing they decided to do? Make their sports facility rental business sleek and efficient from the ground up.

“It's been a little bit over a month since we opened. At this point we're just trying to streamline our operations and produce our output with greater efficiency.”

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

Building a strong foundation is important if Jump Beyond is to carve a niche for itself within the community. So far, the sports facility has been heading in the right direction and the founders are aware of what needs to be done to expand in the future.

“One obstacle for our business is that there are only so many hours in a day, so there's a limit to our growth potential. The vision is to have Jump Beyond moving forward with another facility that can accommodate the demand in the community.”

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

Accelerating growth with technology

As demand for their sports facilities grew, the team at Jump Beyond recognized that their system was calling for an overhaul that would support their growth. At the same time, it was important to restructure without disturbing the essence of their operations. 

“We needed to find something that would help us streamline our business activities and fit in well with our website and our business model”

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

That is when Jump Beyond found Omnify in their search for a smart and intuitive sports facility management software. Since signing up with the platform, life has become less complicated for the team. Bookings are automatically processed online, schedules are synchronized over the cloud, and payments can be made by customers both online and offline.

“Having technology in the booking side has really helped us be more efficient. Right now we are seeing the returns quicker than we anticipated.”

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

Enabling hassle-free operations with Omnify

Today, Johnny and the team are gradually cementing a sturdy foundation for their operations with Omnify’s intuitive sports facility management software. Key operations are automated and simplified, helping the staff work efficiently and focus their attention on creating a better experience for the players and teams that are using their facilities. 

“Omnify fulfills our needs by streamlining booking, payments, and customer data management. Their insights show us where we are strong today and where we can improve for a better tomorrow.”

- Johnny Kwan, Founder, Jump Beyond Sports

For Johnny himself, Omnify has brought the most essential booking functions to the tip of his finger. He can now manage his schedule - and those of his staff - effortlessly; new bookings are added as soon as they are confirmed online, thus simplifying the process from end to end.

“With automatic scheduling, I don't have to do much. Because when people book, I get notified and I block it into the master schedule, which has the communication that I need.”

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Find out how Jump Beyond used Omnify’s Sports Facility Management Software to automate and simplify its operations to deliver an exceptional member experience.

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