Make the most of your sports facilities

Manage your sports facilities smoothly with Omnify

Optimize facility rentals

Give your members exclusive access to your facilities. Rent out everything from tennis courts to swimming pools and set time slots that work best for you and your members. Manage payments, cancellations, and refunds in just a few clicks.

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Ensure effortless reservations

Help your clients book facilities at their convenience from your personalized Service Store. Increase conversions with an easy-to-use booking system that allows you to display facilities for rent, time slots available, and more!

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Manage memberships

Do more for your members every day! Create a unique membership experience and improve your member retention in the long run. Set up custom rental plans for members, provide exclusive benefits and discounts, accept recurring payments, and more.

Conduct events and workshops

Deliver a premium customer experience by conducting special events and workshops for your clients. Optimize your time to provide maximum value to your customers, and leave the hassle of ticketing and billing to Omnify!

See why 5,000+ Companies Chose Omnify to Grow

“Omnify makes life more comfortable, particularly with automated class bookings. Omnify has helped me transform my business into a scalable operation."

Rebecca Jane
Owner, Yoga with Rebecca Jane

"Omnify came to my rescue and it provided me a platform like never before. The whole scheduling, booking, payments and managing part were fixed at one go."

Isabel Artigues,
Institute of the Arts Barcelona

“Omnify has the right mix of features, customer support, and reasonable pricing. We recommend this platform for anyone needing a solution for quickly setting up a reservation process at their pool!"

Jim Fraser
CEO, Pool Management Group

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