5 Powerful tips to grow your yoga studio!


5 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio

Grow your yoga studio

If you’re in the position to grow your yoga studio, then with the right planning and organization, you can increase your revenue and client retention several times over! In this blog by Omnify, read about whether you are really ready to grow your studio and find actionable tips to do just that!

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Top 7 Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Parks, green spaces and recreation centers draw attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy, wholesome quality of life. Providing countless benefits to the environment and community, it is no wonder that we celebrate Park and Recreation as a month-long event in July! Here are 7 benefits of Parks and Recreations that promote the well-being of an individual and the community.

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How Flow Waterjet Trimmed Class Scheduling Time with Omnify

Flow Waterjet Trimmed Class Scheduling Time with Omnify

Flow Waterjet has gradually established itself as a leader in waterjet cutting technology for manufacturing, serving customers across over 100 countries. Flow conducts a number of Waterjet e-learning and on-site training classes. With a wide variety of classes and students to track, it was proving to be a significant challenge for the team at Flow to monitor attendance and maintain clean and accurate records. That's where Omnify comes in.

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Actionable Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio (With Checklists)

Omnify's FREE resource gives you a comprehensive guide to take your yoga business from local to global. Whether you are just starting out, or have an established business - there is something for everyone in this e-book.

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