Being a Personal Trainer is no easy feat. Coaching multiple clients at once, growing your business, and managing a team - the list of to-dos is endless.

In order to become the most in-demand personal trainer in your community, you need to be smart with how you manage your business. Read on to know how.

📅 Design a Weekly Schedule
Being intentional with your time will provide a foundation for you to manage your schedule in the most efficient manner. Allocate dedicated time slots for coaching your clients, create well-organized blocks of coaching slots, and even set aside some time for administrative tasks.

As an added benefit, when you’re training with clients back-to-back, it gives the impression to the members that you’re quite in demand.

💡 Omnify Tip: As a personal trainer, you would be working with multiple clients who require services depending on their goals. Give each of your services a different color to create a smoother experience for you. Your trainers can now schedule their day better! Read more on how to add color codes to your calendar - here

🔁 Automate Appointments
As a personal trainer, you would get countless people walking in for an appointment with you. Sometimes, these appointments come out of nowhere, disrupting your schedule. Having a scheduling software helps you fix dedicated slots for appointments and keep track of them.

🗞️ Be Flexible
A mark of a true entrepreneur is the ability to adapt to any new challenge. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has moved online. As a personal trainer in today's times, adopting a hybrid approach - an online+offline mode of work is the way to go. Learn from Rebecca Jane, who took her business global by moving online - here

These are just some of the ways you can be efficient with your time and take your business to greater heights. Let’s build a fitter community!

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With love, Team Omnify 💚

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