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At Omnify, we believe that Time is the essence. And, well, to grow and expand we need to learn to use it well. This would mean focusing on tasks that really matter to your business and avoiding the time-draining ones.  

With new-age tools like Zapier, you can automate in a simple and cost-effective manner. Small businesses that use automation, drive greater productivity and profit, enabling them to invest in their people and products. Automation, when done right, can amplify your great business while freeing up your time to create more of it!

So, what’s the hype around integrating Omnify with Zapier?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Omnify with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity superpowers. We help you  minimize your work time, remove the manual errors and make bookings effortless.” So essentially, for people who can’t code, you tell the program, “When I do this in A, do this in B.” In this Zap, the first part is referred to as the Trigger, and the second the Action. One of my friends, Jack, uses Zapier to track the leads that come to his site, he uses an excellent integration between Omnify and Stripe. This automatically notifies him when someone purchases something from his site.

Here’s how Omnify+Zapier integration helps you to power your business. We have jotted down a few below:

Omnify + SMS by Zapier

Using SMS by Zapier, you can send SMS / text messages at various events. Surely great for Booking Confirmations, Cancellations, Event Registrations, and even Payment Reminders!

Omnify + Mailchimp

Imagine sifting through a database of 10,000 email addresses to pick out 1000 of them. And intimate this 1000 about a service/store launch. How many hours would this whole process take? And would you even know how many of them have opened your mail? All these problems are solved with the use of MailChimp. With this, add new Omnify bookings to Mailchimp as subscribers and do more promotional emails on the go!

Omnify + Hubspot

HubSpot is your package deal for all of your marketing software needs, and it is THE tool. How it works is simple and straightforward, and can be really effective.
With HubSpot, you’ll no longer have to juggle between different platforms to market to potential and existing customers, You can now add new Omnify leads to HubSpot CRM as contacts.

Omnify + Pipedrive

No taxi app here. Add new Omnify leads to Pipedrive. Pipedrive enables to find and manage high-quality leads, close deals faster with automation, and nurture customer relations.

Omnify + Google Meet

It's easy to find yourself in a chain of meetings, online coaching, and training apps that are too long to try and determine the most effective time and date for everyone when scheduling your classes. Is there a better way to run this? Yes, there is. At Omnify, we provide a native Zoom integration which is a no-cost affair, but if you aren’t a fan, you can now integrate with Google Meet and enjoy your Online Class Scheduling, Webinar Hosting for up to 100 participants, and also 1-on-1 sessions.
We blog quite a bit at Omnify. Here’s a written go-to recipe on How to Automate your business operations with Omnify and Zapier. What does your automation strategy look like? And what apps do you use to support it? We’d love to hear about it.

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