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So much has changed over the last twelve months, especially in the fitness industry. If you’re thinking about taking your fitness business to the next orbit, then think of Virtual Fitness. Now you can break those geographical boundaries, and build for a global clientele. Omnify  has empowered thousands of fitness professionals and studio owners across the world in building a sustainable virtual fitness business. Your customers can now enjoy your fitness routines from around the globe with one simple click.

While this may seem daunting, we have partnered with Serena Scanzillo to walk you through a blueprint of a sustainable virtual fitness business. Serena has been voted one of DC's top 100 fitness people and has created her exercise and nutrition business, SerenaFit, to help busy professionals make health a priority by offering virtual workout videos. She has been an inspiration to business owners in the Fitness Community on many levels. From getting into the Virtual Fitness game way back in 2008 to creating her own Virtual Fitness Brand, she’s come a long way.

Let’s have a look at her journey of going virtual and know more about beautifully thriving in this industry!

🚀 Part 1: Thinking ahead of Times- How it all began?: With the shutting down of gyms at the very onset of the year, read how Virtual fitness became the order of the day.

⛰️ Part 2: The Road Less Traveled: A dig on how tools can be used to streamline business efforts.

🌍 Part 3:  Bringing it all together: Quick insights on how customer experience is crucial for retaining members.

🧞 Part 4: Smart Hacks for a Successful Fitness Studio: And if you’re still a bit unsure, we’re sure these tips will help you thrive your business.

As you simplify your processes and streamline your efforts, you can use a combination of tools to create a better customer experience to grow your business—Omnify has been carefully designed to ensure that your needs are just a few clicks away and it’s the choice of the crowd to make their Booking and Scheduling easier.

Don't wait: Wherever you are in the world, make this the year you level up your teaching skills and business game.

With love, Team Omnify 💚

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