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Last month, we looked back at the 5 years of our journey so far. We shared some of the things we learned with you, but we’re not done sharing just yet!

As we delved deeper into the pandemic and its fallout, we noticed one anchor that saved a lot of businesses from last year’s storm - recurring revenue.

Without a constant and dependable source of income, businesses would have found it much harder to navigate through the challenges that came their way. 

So today, we’re going to show how you, too, can build a healthy recurring revenue by retaining your older members and converting newer customers into loyal members!

Let’s get into it!

💯 6 Smart Tips to Boost Member Retention

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🏇 How Equestria Redefined Their Horse Riding Lessons with Omnify

This week, we also spoke to Equestria - an equestrian sports training school from Argentina - about how they’ve been using Omnify to provide a better experience to their members and improve their retention significantly.

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🤩 Omnify Spotlight

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Meanwhile, we have a special bonus for HOA and COA board members!

💡Here’s a free guide + checklist on how you can improve the resident experience at your facilities today!

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