Upgrade your Yoga Class, Ensure Fair Booking for Pools, Tips to Streamline your Payments, and more!

It's never too late to keep up with the times and upgrade! This week, we talk about the ways every member of the community can enjoy amenities with Booking Restrictions, trends you can adopt to upgrade your yoga plan, and how payments can be made easy!

Kids enjoying in the pool


Introducing Fair & Equitable Access with Booking Restrictions

As the Summer is officially here, the demand for outdoor amenities and pool time will go up too. However, certain amenities often get monopolized by some members and their family and friends. Thus, to ensure fair and equitable access to all your members, we are introducing more advanced Booking Restrictions.

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Yoga trends 2022


7 Trends to upgrade your Yoga Classes in 2021

The need for new trends to heal our body and mind is required more than ever. With recent trends, you bring more elements to play within your business. It will help increase membership sales to make your business exceptional. Read about the trends you can adopt to upgrade your Yoga class in 2021!

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Newington Forest Community Association


How Omnify made Pool Management easy for Newington Forest Community Association

In January 1972, the Newington Community Association was formed to promote the interests of property owners. Last year, driven by the pandemic, they decided to opt for Omnify’s Pool Reservation System to ensure the safety of their residents. NFCA Manager, Dana N,  shares her insights on using the Pool Reservation System for their Community pool.

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Streamline Payments Through PayPal and Stripe for Your Business


Streamline Payments Through PayPal and Stripe for Your Business

Leverage the power of automated payments through Stripe & Paypal. Read more to dive deep and understand why you should switch to collecting your payments through Paypal or Stripe for the greater good of business growth.

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