Announcing Discounts 2.0 🚀🚀🚀

We are launching Discounts 2.0- an advanced version of our existing discounts feature 🙌. It includes major improvements in terms of new UI, added features, major improvements in functionality, and usability. Do give us your feedback once you take it for a spin.

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So, here's what's new in Discounts 2.0 🥁

Offer Discounts based on Customer eligibility

You can now choose to offer discounts based on customer segments. 

-All customers across the business.

-Booking with the business for the first time (Leads)

We also added some the flexibility to add caps to discount amount:

You can also add caps to the value of discounts that you’re offering. That is:

Limit max. value of discount: You can cap the max discount that can be availed with percentage discounts. E.g. 15% off up to $100 etc.

Set minimum purchase value: You can set the minimum purchase value for the discount to be applicable. E.g. 25% off on a purchase of $1000 or more.

Added additional Redemption Rules

The new redemption rules help you be flexible with your discounts. 

Max total redemptions: Put a cap on the number of times a discount code can be used. 

Limited redemptions per user: Limit the number of redemption a user can make through a discount coupon.

Max total redemptions AND Limited redemption per user: A combination of the above redemption rules, it allows you to limit the max redemptions per user AND total max redemptions for all users combined

Shiny new UI and improved UX

Oh! And we have a much improved user experience and a shiny new UI. With this improvement - You will be able to apply Discounts across the Business or Selected services. If you have selected all services, that means any new service that you’ll be adding in future will also be eligible for the discount. Thus, you won’t have to manually map the discounts to the service

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We would love to know what you think of the update. Kindly, share your feedback at

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