New in Classes - Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrence!

As businesses grow, operational demands evolve, requiring software upgrades to meet changing needs. That's why Omnify stays ahead, constantly improving our software.  We’re thrilled to introduce a comprehensive product update that will remove all pointless friction while creating multiple schedules for the same day.

With this crucial update- Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrences- you can start selling your services faster and better as we bring efficiency in creating multiple classes in one go! This update addresses key challenges faced by both businesses and clients in scheduling and booking classes.

From accommodating multiple schedules within the same day to streamlining class bookings with class packs, ensuring consistency with recurring classes, the ability to customize booking windows, and fostering collaboration with multi-trainer support, it changes everything!

For example, A Yoga Studio plans to offer five slots for its Hatha Yoga Class in a day, running for five days every eight weeks, incorporating multiple schedules within each session/class. Now, the business admin seeks a seamless way to set up and manage these schedules.

With the Multiple Schedules feature, the studio can easily consolidate up to 6 schedules into one service for the same day.

Similarly, Custom Recurrences simplifies setting up the frequency of classes to be held.

For clients, it means a broader range of options for classes on a single day to choose from.

✨What’s New?

Omnify Classes- Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrences feature helps in-

📆 Same Day with Multiple Schedules: Now, you can create multiple schedules for your classes on the same day, offering more options for your clients.

✅ Autobook Classpacks with Multiple Schedules Classes: Easily assign classpacks to classes that occur on the same day with multiple schedules, streamlining booking processes for both you and your clients.

🔁 Recurring Classes: Introducing the ability to create classes that repeat on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or on specific intervals like the 1st week of every month, providing consistency.

🎨 Booking Window Customization: Customize the booking window by specifying the time frame before a class, giving you more control over scheduling much ahead.

🏋️ Multi-Trainer in a Class: With up to six schedules available for a single class on the same day, incorporating multiple trainers becomes essential. This ensures availability, promotes collaboration and accommodates diverse teaching styles within your classes.

How does it work?

1. Setting up Multiple Schedules

Under “Recurrence,” choose the day of the week from daily, every weekday, every weekend, custom days of the week, or custom recurrence.


Under “Add Schedules”

  • Set up the start and end date of a particular schedule for every day. To add more schedules for the day, click the “+” and add timings for another schedule.
  • Can add a maximum of 6 schedules per day.

Similarly, setup for,

Every weekday: Set up multiple schedules for weekdays only.

Every Weekend: Set up Multiple schedules for weekends only.

Custom days of the week: Choose specific days of the week and set up multiple schedules.

This is how it’ll reflect in your service store -

2. Custom Recurrence:

Here, you can set up how frequently the schedule needs to recur.

For example, Repeat every 3 weeks, under which you can select custom days when the schedule recurs.

This is how this setting will reflect on your service store -

3. Setting up the Booking Window

Earlier, you could set when the booking window opened and closed for a particular class. Now, you can set how long the booking stays open.

For example,

I’m setting up a class that recurs every two months, which is going to be open for booking for 6 months and closes at the start of the schedule.

This is how this setup will reflect on your service store -

This feature is helpful if you’re launching a long course and your clients can make bookings for a longer duration.

4. Autobook with Class Packs

Enabling autobook to class packs helps your clients easily book all the classes bundled together in a particular class pack.

But how does it work with multiple schedules?

While you’re enabling autobook to your class packs, two options will show up-

  • Autobook the first schedule occurrence - Enabling this will book the first available schedule in that class
⚡ Note: When the first slot is unavailable, it autobooks the next available slot
For example, if your clients are booking a class pack that has schedules for 6 am and 9 am on Mondays. If the 6 am slot is unavailable, they’ll be booked for 9 am schedule automatically.
  • Autobook all available schedules - Enabling this will book all available schedules for the classes in a class pack.

Along with these, we have fixed the Daylight savings time changes too. From now on, your class schedule timings will remain fixed and unaffected by changes in the mentioned timezone.

With this new feature, businesses can now manage multiple schedules under one service rather than needing to create multiple classes.

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