New in Omnify: Contactless Online Waivers & COVID-19 Declaration Forms⚡️

While the right time to open the economy is debated, many states have gone ahead and have decided to re-open businesses. While there's a continuing risk of COVID-19 exposure, businesses face potential liability as they allow customers to their premises. However, there is no doubt that most businesses will continue to take the risk at the cost of doing business. 

So when the question "Do I need a liability waiver?" arises, it is resounding YES. By all means, business owners should be aware of options that can be taken to reduce potential liability.

As we gather feedback from our customers, we realize that the importance of liability waivers for your organization is paramount, as they can help you in more ways than you might initially think. 

Introducing Advanced Liability Waivers ⚡️:

So what exactly is a Liability Waiver?

A liability waiver is a legal document that a person who participates in an activity may sign to acknowledge the risks involved in their participation. By doing so, the company attempts to remove legal liability from the business or person responsible for the activity. (Source: Wikipedia)

With Omnify's Advanced Liability Waivers, you can easily create digital waivers and get consent from your customers. Every signed waiver will save you time, effort, and money over handling and storing paper waivers.

You can instantly create the waivers and declaration forms, and have them immediately set-up!

  1. Create your Custom Liability Waiver and have your customers digitally accept it before making any reservations. All you need to do is Copy-Paste your existing waiver and hit Save.

2. COVID19 Declaration Form - We are introducing a custom form for COVID-19 pre-screening! You will be able to use the template we've offered or customized it as per your requirements. The declaration form is a part of your liability waiver for additional protection and information.

Once someone fills out the the information you will be able to view the declaration form details in the Attendee Export and the Bookings Table.

3. Store PDF Waivers - Once you enable this option, you can quickly retrieve the digital waiver from the Dashboard's client Profile, making it extremely easy and hassle-free to view the documents. Enabling this option will also automatically send the signed waiver as a PDF to your customers with the booking confirmation email. See how it works

4. Enforce Waiver - One of our customers' most requested features was the ability to enforce a liability waiver in a pop-up before customers make a reservation. We have now enabled the option where you can opt to push liability waivers as a pop-up before your customers make a booking.

Whether it's your standard liability waiver or a new COVID screening form, with Omnify, your forms will be easier to sign and manage- while being wholly contactless and digital.

We would love to hear from you — please drop us a line and let us know what you think. 😃

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