QR Check-ins: Contactless, self check-ins for your clients

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📱 QR Check-ins for Contactless, Self-Check In for your Clients.

There are ways to deliver high-quality service, and Contactless Check-in is one of them. Going ‘contactless’ might not have found a lot of meaning a few years back, but now with the Covid-19 crisis, this is probably one feature that your facility can’t go without! 😷

QR Check-ins are not only decisive in moving the queue faster but given the current situation, your customer psyche would definitely be to avoid high-touch surfaces. QR codes offer an excellent solution and touchless alternative for check-ins.

For instance, in the case of fitness studios that receive visitors on a daily basis, cleanliness is already a huge factor, and most likely, your clients will be following Covid-19 guidelines in their workout spaces. But, QR check-ins are a step ahead in letting your visitors access your facility without the hassle of using access cards or keys, magnetic strips, or maybe a signature that requires touching shared surfaces.

How to get hands-on with QR Check-ins?

QR check-ins provide contactless check-ins for a business’s clients. The clients use their own devices to scan the QR code at the facility, view their schedule(s) for the day, and check-in to that schedule, all on their mobile phones, hence eliminating the need to touch a singular device at the facility.

On your Omnify dashboard, you’ll see a new setting named “QR Check-ins.” It has 3 options of printable QR check-in templates, each having the QR code unique to your business that you print and put up at your facility. 

Each option has an “Include Check-in Link” checkbox to display the link below the QR code. 

A QR code is readable by a smartphone camera or QR reader app. When a visitor arrives at your facility, upon scanning the QR code from his/her smartphone, he/she gets redirected to the Service Store Check-ins page. Thereby, they can instantly view their upcoming schedule for the day. The user may then tap on their scheduled session and successfully check him/herself in. In case of group bookings, the user will be able to check his/her family members as well.

To get an even better understanding, businesses can get a print of QR Check In Code in these 3 straight steps-

Navigating to DASHBOARD Settings > Under Business Settings > QR Check Ins > Print QR Checkin Code

This is how it looks when a client comes to your facility for a scheduled visit-

Remember, QR Check-ins are only for SCHEDULED visits, for both Members and Non-Members. So, users with no previous bookings will have to go to the Service Store to make reservations.

Now! Eliminate the risk of handling on-site visitors from close proximity. Let Contactless Check-Ins help your facility balance capacity and safety, and yes.. from a safe distance! 

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Psst! Another Good News for Admins! The Check-ins page has been updated with an improved search logic! With this, you make the most accurate search for all your clients! We’ve also made a UI tweak that shows you if you are searching by Name or Email. Much more context to you!

Omnify's new QR Check-ins feature provides printable QR codes to businesses from the dashboard that allows Contactless, Self-Check In for your Clients


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